Dinner Theater

Only half the people in any given restaurant are actually paying to eat there. The rest are actors hired by the establishment to make the place look happening, and they are more than simple window dressing. They are putting on a show for you. Ever gotten caught-up in the conversation at the next table? Have you ever overheard the most amazing things? Well, it wasn't by accident. There are specialized agencies that only restaurants know how to contact. Scripts are prepared. Acts are rehearsed and then sent out to enjoy a meal. Nothing serious will ever happen during one of these performances, which remain vague enough so that the dining public will not catch on. We want you to come back for the food. The show has already moved on.

Our troop has gone rogue. Not affiliated with any agency. Hard to say how it happened. We were too good, I suppose. Not our performances. We started to loose ourselves in the characters, and we couldn't go back. Harsh words were spoken and maybe a murder or two. Now, we ply our trade guerilla style, trying to stay one step ahead of the news that we can not be trusted. We hardly ever get paid anymore. We cannot stop. It's in our blood. You'll love our next performance.

Dinner Theater – copyright © 2002 by keith d. jones – all rights reserved
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