The Etymology of Fire

It began with a roar that split the morning, shattering the world with thunder and despair. The town of Edgewood had been savaged by a creature of rage and fear. A dragon had fallen upon the town. Dragons were monsters. Dragons were creatures of evil and pain. None remained who believed that dragons had once been guardians and protectors. The creatures must be destroyed.

There was one man who doubted. One man who did not believe the truth of his eyes. Tahrl Morgan ap Morin was forsaken. He had spoken in defense of dragons. He had sought to remind all that dragons had once been good, but the truth defied him. With the ravaging of Edgewood, none would listen, and none would believe. Tahrl would yet seek to understand why the dragons raged, and he would try to stop the dragons from being destroyed.

A roar had shattered the morning, and yet Tahrl would doubt the truth before his eyes. Tahrl would seek and he would search for the truth beyond lies.

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