For Christina

   Ten paces back
Silent words whisked away
   in an instant of bright vision
Leaving vacant the mind of
   thought teetering on the
Edge of panic before you

      or be forever lost
      never answering a question
      never asked

   Only the laughter of the
      furies will suffice

   Where am I
Wading toe-deep with only
   my hands for a cup
Loosing everything between
   my fingers nothing
But a drop to touch my lips

      more of drowning
      than of thirst

   Only the laughter of the
      furies for an answer

   Who are you
In the fox-tails do you sing to me
   maybe it is only the echo
Of a twist of wind
   brushing past my ear
Wanting it to be the firewind

      castles in the sky
      where there are only

   Only the laughter of the
      furies will do

For Christina – copyright © 1998 by keith d. jones – all rights reserved
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