Mechanical Grasshopper

Henrietta made a grasshopper out of used pinball machine parts. It could walk like a duck, hop like a rabbit, and roar like a bull mouse. She would bring it out at parties, and people would ask why she called it a grasshopper since it didn't look anything like one. Her answer was always the same. Like a grasshopper, it had a lot to learn. Nobody cared that the answer made no sense because the grasshopper put on such a show that everybody was happy.

The grasshopper had a secret switch to control its mood. When Henrietta was happy, she would set the switch to good, and the grasshopper would bring joy to all. When Henrietta was in a bad mood, she would set the switch to evil, and the grasshopper would cause trouble, upsetting the table, spilling drinks, torturing the dog, breaking things and like that. Everybody wanted Henrietta in a good mood.

One day, she accidentally left the switch on bloody massacre, and you probably heard about that party on the news.

Mechanical Grasshopper – copyright © 2002 by keith d. jones – all rights reserved
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