Nothing but the Dark

The dark is a thing alive. Growing, moving, pulsing, it will find you. The dark is everywhere, hiding behind the light. It wants your heart, your life, your soul. The dark feeds on your fear; that is why it scares you. The dark moves in the dark, growing, breathing, feeding. This is why children cry, fearing the night, finding security in night lights, because the dark is waiting, filling the night with creeks and rattles and groans. This is why grown men and women wake in the night having heard a noise, feeling something moving beyond the edge of sight. It is only the dark tasting your fear, stealing your sanity and feeding on your soul. The night is empty. There are no monsters. Lizards, rats and spiders do not crawl across you skin. Aliens are not waiting to abduct you. There is nothing but the dark. Beware the dark. Fear it.

Nothing but the Dark – copyright © 2002 by keith d. jones – all rights reserved
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