Requiem for the Merimont

The Merimont said she loved me
   So I killed her
The eyesore went and with her head
   Returned to the burrow downs
Where the demons chewed and spat and
   Sued and promised to avenge her
With giant forks and mighty borks
   Slept out of the shadows

They came unaware and unprepared
   I was to meet their game
Of tiddlywinks and feet that stink
   They cornered me on the open wall
My feet they drew and weapons stewed
   While the dance went on and on
My thoughts they bound with chains of blood
   And dragged me at their beck and call

To the promised land of harmony
   The darkest land of all
Where I tried to make my escape by
   Eating the chains and drinking
The refrain of the longest song
   Of them all
But the falks were smart and with
   A start drank the blood before me

Quite subdued and with pennies to
   Play I waited for the
Judgement of the gurgling throng
   To begin on wedding day
From here they came
   The queens of the game
And sister to the just refrain
   The one who I had killed

The court was long and tall and
   Strong and he could count
To a thousand or more before
   I could count to three
To three before I could count
   To three
Everybody sing
   Before I could count to three

The queens stood and promised father
   That the love of the youngest
Daughter would not get away with
   All of the credit for the joke
I had played on them all
   Cruel it was and with them assembled
Around I began to regret it now
   Oh why didn't I love her too

Her breath so sweet
   Her treasures so beautiful
She came to me one day
   As I sat on a hill and
Watched the ducks and geese
   At play
Court me and win me and I shall
   Give you everything

That is what she said that day
   As she appeared in silk
As white as the morning dew that
   Can be gathered from cobwebs
From that day the queens now say
   She gave me everything that
I could want or desire or ever ask
   For in time nor space

But I didn't court her I tried to say
   Her gifts were unwanted
Unasked for and I wanted her to go away
   Well she did go away
And now never will return
   The jury screamed and sprayed geysers
Of strawberry jam for they were now trapped
   With one fewer ways to play

The verdict was long and hard and strong
   And punishment for one such as I
Could never dream could be done on such
   A fine young day
The verdict they reached was short and sweet
   And tasted of blueberry pie
Custard creams and lemon screams then
   Assailed my eyes

The bus they took
   My bus they took
And placed one of their own
   In the mind
Another worked the crane on the left
   And another took the crane on the right
While the feet they shared
   For it was a lonely job

Directions they took from the Muses
   Who like queens ran things from on high
Down I sunk to the deepest funk and
   Promised to do no more wrong
But its cold down here in the shadow
   of the promised land
With no one else to play with
   While the Merimont lives again.

Requiem for the Merimont – copyright © 1998 by keith d. jones – all rights reserved
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