11 March, 2002

I'm going to try to tell an amusing anecdote, but it has occurred to me while I sit here and think about writing this down that it might sound really self-serving and narcissistic. I'll try to avoid that as much as possible.

Okay, here goes.

So I haven't gotten any writing done on the prequel to The Magic Flute since December, I think. It may have been the beginning of January, but it was probably December. I could check the journal archive to see if I mentioned it but why. I've kept String Finger Theatre moving along but that has been in fits and spurts and whatnot.

Anyway, I haven't gotten any writing done. I won't bore you with the details. If you want to wallow in my self-pity, go check out the journal entry from January.

I haven't gotten any done. I haven't even looked at it in months. So I print out a fresh copy using Pagemaker to make a trade paperback style copy. Printed double sided. I even staple the pages together. It looks cool. I know, stupid, but damn it, it looks cool.

So I start flipping through it, reading passages, and whoa! Holy shit! Who wrote this? I mean I know I wrote this but it's good. I don't remember writing good. This scares the crap out of me. I don't remember how I wrote good shit. I thought I had done mediocre drivel. I mean it probably is mediocre drivel, and I just can't see it. But, whoa! I like this writing, and I don't know how I did it.

I mean there's this one bit toward the end of the chapter where Tahrl is just flipping out because he can't deal with everything that has happened. He's been ostracized. He's lost everything. He doesn't even know what he can believe in anymore. So, Alex is trying to help. He's trying to help and nothing is working. So, in desperation, Alex starts talking bout his own past and everything he had to give up. And, I know there is a cliche buried in there somewhere, but he is talking about some of the little things he never even realized he would miss. Damn if that bit didn't get to me and I just sit there starring at the page thinking Holy Shit! How did I do that? I don't think like that! I don't think of little things! I gloss over details! Where did that come from?

Like I said, this scares me. I don't know how I did it. I mean how am I supposed to carry on from here. I can't write this good. I'm not that good a writer. I get too enamored of my prose as maybe you can tell from the way I'm going all gooey over re-reading the first chapter of the prequel.

But, it's scary as hell. I've got to start writing again and keep up the quality of that first chapter. I don't know how. I'll have to try somehow.

It's really kind of strange and funny. I know I wrote every word of the first chapter, but I don't remember them. It's as if some demented Neanderthal from the eighth dimension invaded my skull and wrote good shit through my fingers. It really is strange looking back at it. Where did this good writing come from? I don't know.

I've got to figure out how to write as good as a demented Neanderthal from the eighth dimension.

Anyway, that's the anecdote.

28 March, 2002

Oh, my god, I just saw the funniest thing on television. There's a special on one of the networks tonight showing all these evil entertainers—music, movies, radio & television—and spouting off on how they are corrupting kids for money.

It always reminds me of a news story I once saw about South Park. This news show was interviewing this lady, and she was talking about how South Park had to be taken off the air because her daughter had a TV in her own room. She didn't know what her kid was watching at 10:30 at night when they were each in their separate rooms. So cancel South Park. You just have to laugh at an argument like that. I mean take the TV out of the kid's room, or better yet, talk to the kid about South Park.

That's my opinion when it comes to my website. Parents! What the hell are you doing letting your children fuck with the internet unsupervised? Take a goddamn interest in what the fucking hell your kids are doing!

(Yeah, I know. I really suck when it comes to dreaming up creative profanity. It's just not my bag.)

Now, I only watched bits of the show, but this particular corruption of the children for money show had a really funny response to my responsible parenting argument. It wanted to know how I could talk about sex, drugs, and rock & roll when there are irresponsible parents out there.

I swear to you that was the show's argument. I just laughed and laughed and laughed. I am responsible for irresponsible parents? I am responsible for irresponsible parents?

I mean, shit, shouldn't we do something about the irresponsible parents? Fuck the corrupting the youth of America for money people! Let's do something about the irresponsible parents!

I mean if I had a choice between doing a show about people who corrupt the kids of irresponsible parents and a show about spading and neutering irresponsible parents, I'm going to do the show about spading and neutering the irresponsible parents. I would want the world to know about the irresponsible parents. I would raise issues and make suggestions about helping the kids of irresponsible parents. I would not blame the people who want to corrupt the kids for money.

Hansel and Gretle are lured into a gingerbread house by an evil witch who wants to eat them! Who is to blame here? The parents for abandoning their kids in the forest, leaving them so defenseless and hungry that they are captured by the witch who is only going to eat them because she is alone and hungry herself.

I did watch a few minutes of the show. I wanted to make sure I had their basic argument. I mean I'm not going for a serious rebuttal here. I just thought the whole thing was so funny.

So, here was this guy calling music and radio people mercenaries, and I had to wonder who this guy was. Who sets up a whole show to bash people who want to corrupt the children of irresponsible parents for money?

Someone who probably doesn't give a flying fuck about the kids of irresponsible parents. If he cared, it would be a show about the irresponsible parents.

Hell, it was a TV show, right? That means it has commercials. That means this guy may be making a buck or two off of bashing people who want to corrupt the children of irresponsible parents for money. Does he have a regular show on TV or radio or in a newspaper? Has he written a book?

Which is the funniest part. The television show about people who corrupt the children of irresponsible parents for money was making money on the corruption of the children of irresponsible parents.

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