2 July, 2003

I am such an idiot as the world has never known. Episode two of String Finger Theatre starts with comic number seventy-six and not seventy-seven. That means all of my math is wrong, and episode two, in fact, consists of ninety comics. Argh!

13 July, 2003

Well, it took for damn ever, but there is finally progress on The Etymology of Fire. Not a lot. I mean you've got to start somewhere, and this has been a case of it being very late at night and refusing to go to bed until I have written something. And, it's all true. Sleep does not aid writing. I would find myself sitting there, wanting to write, knowing what was going on, and yet, I was so sleepy that I was just sitting there with pencil in hand and I had absolutely no idea what to write. Oh, well, at least, I haven't fallen asleep with pen in hand, leaving great big ink stains in the sofa, pillow, carpet or sheets or whatnot. Oh, yeah, and I have gotten all my work done last week with pencil and paper so I haven't gotten around to typing it into the computer, which means I don't have an updated word count, yet. It'll happen. I'm just not sure when.

Actually, the first night's writing was scary, and that wasn't even the night where I found myself staring at the page unable to think of words. What is the word for nothing? I have no idea. The line is supposed to go and he said nothing, but I can't think of the words. It's a really weird position to be in, and I don't think I've done an adequate job of trying to describe it here.

Anyway, the first night's writing was scary because things are supposed to be flying white-hot fire right now. They've been running around. They've been screaming. They've been starring down sharp pointy things, and there's this really cool bit where Armada is running. But, anyway, things are supposed to be moving at a pretty good clip except this guy that Tahrl has been desperate to talk to suddenly brings everything to a crashing crawl. And, I was thinking oh! shit! this can't be happening! fly! fly! See, this guy decided to do a recap. Argh! Everything grinds to a halt. People aren't frantic anymore, and you know what? That was his intent. He wanted to calm everybody down. He wanted Tahrl to know how crazy and precarious his position was without actually saying so. Which is all well and good except they aren't supposed to be calm. They're supposed to be yelling at each other. They're supposed to be running around screaming stuff like go! go! and fly! fly! except they are not. I'm loosing momentum in the last act and that sure isn't good. So, I was thinking about all of this the next day, and I realized that I might have to cut out the whole section. It would bring the momentum back up except that would undermine this guy they are talking to who is so important. And, I found myself in one of those horrible positions that is only supposed to happen to people who think they are creating art. So, I'm scared shitless. Leave it in? Yank it out? Leave it in, keeping your morals or integrity or whatever such nonsense, and grind everything to a screeching halt? Rip the crap right out of there?

Anyway, I haven't decided what to do about that.

Other interesting development. The latest thing I've been doing to put off getting anything useful done is reread just about every single Cerebus comic book that I've got. Well, this has taken a good two or three weeks. I just finished Jaka's Story. I'm going to skip Melmoth, and I'm going to read as much of Mothers and Daughters as I have, which takes me to about issue 175. I used to have the rest of Mothers and Daughters in the reprint books, but I can't find them at the moment. I'm beginning to think I may have tossed them when I was trying to consolidate space one day. Yeah, that's right, Reads, Minds, oh, and Guys, which is actually the next book but who cares, have been submitted to the recycle bin. And, that is about all I'm going to say about my opinion of what happened to Cerebus.

Oh, wait, sorry, the other interesting development came about because of rereading Cerebus. See, I was thinking about exactly how Tahrl and his cohorts were going to push their opinion while I was getting ready for work one morning, and I sudden thought of four arguments. So, I grabbed a pencil and wrote them out, making me miss my bus and arrive late at work. Anyway, they are all like economic points about what the merchant class is going to do to convince the aristocracy to switch sides. So, I was looking at these four points, and I thought that this was just like the kind of thing that would happen in Cerebus. Okay, I know that this is a gross simplification of Cerebus and is not meant in any way to suggest that I am in Dave Sim's league or anything. I'm just saying that reading something made me think of something. And, isn't that cool?

Which leads to this little thing I always tell myself when I haven't gotten any writing done on something in a while. When I finally start scribbling again and I think of something that hadn't crossed my mind before, I tell myself that the break was necessary. Well, obviously I had not thought through the situation, and I needed the mental break so I could make sure everything fit together without getting totally fucked into a corner because I refused to stop writing even though I didn't have an adequate idea of where things were going. Which is a really shitty thing to tell myself, but there you are.

Oh, yeah, I also saw The Hulk today. I liked it. It was interesting. It was also very long and very slow, but it did hold my attention. Although, I must say that it is a bad sign in a movie when the whole entire audience starts laughing at the big old important action sequence, and the scene isn't played for laughs. Usually, I'm the only one laughing at the incredible absurdity of the fight scenes like the beginning of The Matrix Reloaded for example. Now, that was just insanely funny, and yet, I was the only one laughing. The dog fight in The Hulk? Everybody was laughing except me. No wonder the movie is tanking. Oh, yeah, all the split screen and multi-screen stuff to imitate the look of a comic book? Tacky. Very tacky. But, that is just me.

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