10 August, 2003

Yeah, I just haven't been in much of a mood for writing something here. For the longest time, I was trying to put something new up every week even if I didn't have anything to report. I just wanted to keep something going. So, I guess that phase has passed. Besides, I just got tired of repeating that there has been very little progress on The Etymology of Fire, and there has been a little progress.

I've also been kicking around some ideas for a third episode of String Finger Theatre. One thing that I have definitely been hoping to do is head straight into a third episode after the last one ends without a break. Of course, I have spent the last month absolutely terrified that I wouldn't be able to come up with anything. No, seriously.

Episode one was obvious because I knew that I wanted to include Zas-Tar. Back when I was fourteen, I had written this story about an inept superhero. I had done it as a serial, writing one paragraph per installment, and I had improvised the whole thing. So, Zas-Tar was going to be part of the comic? Well, then, the first comic is obvious. He'll show-up to rescue some people, and they'll keep screaming for help. The rest of Attack of the Third Dimension basically wrote itself. Why do they need rescuing? Is the mad scientist trying to take over or destroy the world? Wrote itself. Whomp.

Episode two is obvious. Why would Zas-Tar switch from fiction to a comic? What is he going to do after the rest of the cast gets so mad at him for having a contract that they destroy it? Where did he get that contract, anyway? See? Wrote itself. Whomp.

Now, I've got a problem. I have to come-up with an idea and make it work, and it had better be funny. So, I haven't known what to do. I've been kicking around a couple of ideas, and there are two things that happened in episode one that I want to see if I can play with. But, I don't want to do them now. Episode one and episode two are basically this one very long story line, and it is almost impossible to know what is going on unless you have been reading from the beginning.

So, it is important to me that episode three be some kind of break from what is essentially a 166 comic continuous story. So, the whole thing is scary. Like I said, I had ideas, but I didn't know if I could make them work. So, I was very happy the other day when I sat down and wrote out five whole comics. I thought it was a two comic idea at best, and I got five comics out of it. Cool. Very cool.

So, now, I feel better. I may be able to do an episode three, and it may even be amusing. I am hoping I can do something a little shorter than episode one or two, but considering the two transition comics turned into five, I don't know how short it is going to be.

Anyway, so work has sort-of begun on episode three of String Finger Theatre, which has the tentative title of The Maltese Falcon Connection.

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