26 July, 2005

Okay, I've really been debating what to do with String Finger Theatre next. I mean I realized that I had an idea, but it was really starting to seem more like a one-note joke. I was really starting to worry about what was actually going to happen, and the only thing I could think of I didn't actually like. See, I've got this big mental hang-up where I want things to be new and different and interesting. I think it is totally retarded to just harp back on the stuff that I've already established or otherwise just keep flogging the same dead muskrat. I want to do something new. I want to do something different. I don't want to just keep reusing the same characters over and over again.

It just felt weak. I don't know how else to put it. It always makes me feel like I'm not trying very hard. It is just so easy to remember that such and so happened in episode two so we can link back to that and kind of stretch it out. I mean it is cool how things can hang together and things can be remembered and things that happened over here are remembered over there, but there is just something about it, too.

It's recursive. It's redundant. It's like inbreeding. I don't know. There is just something about it that makes my skin itch.

So, I've been worried about where this next episode of String Finger Theatre was going to go. I knew that Zed was going to get into art. I knew he was going to try some really silly stuff, and that is what first started to bother me because it's not really a story. It's just a gag. Oh, look at the silly stuff that Zed can do as he tries to create art.

So, then I thought that stuff could happen relating to the art he is trying to create, which reminded me that I had already introduced an art thief in the Lizzie McGuffin episode. I thought that was cool and figured I could run with it, but then it started to bother me. I mean it really started to bother me. Lizzie McGuffin? Am I really just going to bring back a character from an earlier episode? Well, where is the sport in that? Can't you think of anything new? Can't you drag new people onto the set?.

Just remember episode one. How many recurring characters were there in that one? Huh? How many? I'll tell you how many. Not a sausage. They were all new. They were all dragged kicking and screaming onto the stage. So, what is the problem? Where are the new characters? Why is it always the same old-same old gang of misfits being dragged around all of the time.

Anyway, so all of this has been bugging at me, and it really hadn't been good for working on the new episode for the longest time. I didn't know what to do. I just didn't, and I could just look at the archive. And, I could just see that I was running out of comics. And, I was actually beginning to wonder if I was going to run out of stuff to post before I knew what I was going to do with the next episode.

So, I don't know. I've got an idea, and I think it is pretty good. It's still recursive, which bothers me quite a bit, but at least, it is more or less out of left field. You have to go all the way back to the first episode to know what is going to be dragged into the new episode, and I think I've got a good way to handle it, too. Yeah, I think pretty much that our merry band of misfit players are not going to remember the relevant details. Yeah, that'll handle it. Good for a chuckle or two. And, I'm just hoping I won't feel quite so much like I'm just eating my own tail or something. Feeding off the back end. Wasting away to nothingness and the void.

Actually, the episode has been going pretty good. They've been standing around discussing philosophy and physics and whatnot. The plot hasn't even really kicked-in yet, which I know quite a few people absolutely hate about this here comic of mine, but this is the kind of shit I just love. I mean the very plot driven Revenge of the Third Dimension episode was good, but there is just something about that kind of story that I don't want to overuse here. I don't want to do runaround this and chase after that. This isn't the Keystone Cops or anything.

Well, my favorites are still going on about not destroying the world because of invisible dead cats or the best kinds of pizza or whether or not they are wearing invisible truth detecting x-ray glasses. Oh, or a million little boxes flying out of the big box at high speed and whether or not they can even know what a square looks like because they are two dimensional. A million little boxes flying out of the big box. I love that. I just love it. Oh, yeah, and buying the sculpture at the gift shop was one of the ideas that made me want to do that storyline in the first place.

Anyway, not a lot happening on the musical side of things. I've been really frustrated with the third movement of my little sonatina. I think I've been trying to shove it into the wrong form. Well, I just wanted to do a quick-and-dirty little sonatina so I was just trying to shove what I've got into a form I like. The problem is the more I listened to what I've got the more I realized that it just wasn't working. So I've finally reached the conclusion that I've got to jettison the form. Try something else. Just go for a simple binary or ternary. I don't know. We shall see. I've been reluctant to touch it because I don't want to throw out most of the work I've done, which also drives me nuts since this is just supposed to be a simple little piece of shit exercise piece and here I am all worked up about tossing a couple weeks work because the form doesn't fit the music. Oh, well.

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