13 November, 2005

Okay, I decided to take it as a sign, and I just finished removing the links to the forum from my website. There are probably still a few hanging around in various journal pages, but I'm not going to worry about them. One of these days, I'll go through the journal archive. Track those suckers down. Eliminate them. In the meantime, I'm leaving a page up where the forum was located saying that yes there was once a forum at this location.

Well, mostly, I just wasn't using the forum. Nobody was but that is beside the point. I had been having fun with it and posting random little bits of nonsense there, but I just had not been doing much of anything with it recently. I didn't like the feeling that I needed to keep an eye on the forum to run off those fake users. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is people setting up forum users with the hope that other people will innocently click the website link or the email link and suddenly some freaking SPAMMER has got your info. I hate SPAM. Argh!

Well, be that as maybe, nothing much had been going on with the forum. It was just an extra little thing. Somebody hacked it. Whoops, I don't have the repair files. Okay, that is as good enough as a reason as any. Down it comes. I don't really need a forum. Besides, maybe it'll encourage me to write more in the journal. Can't say that I've been doing much here either and it isn't from a lack of stuff I've been dying to write about.

It's very simple. I just haven't had the time. I have simply been far more obsessed with getting all of my music entered into Sibelius 4 so that I can post it on my website. Oh, sure, maybe Finale 2005 had a way to post scores on your website, but I never even gave it any thought. In fact, its ability to post scores on a website is not even the reason I grabbed Sibelius 4. It simply had better sounding fake instruments on than Finale 2005, and I wanted those better sounding fake instrument sounds so I would feel confident enough to create a recording of my masters thesis. This ability to post scores on a website is just a bonus.

So, that is what I've been doing recently, working like mad to get my music entered into Sibelius 4 so that I can post it. Seems like a silly project, doesn't it? I mean who really cares if you can see the actual music? I doubt there is much of anybody who is interested, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm crazy. In fact, I got on this big kick where I wanted the lines to flow in the third movement of my masters thesis. I didn't want C-sharp followed by C-natural and that kind of thing. So I was going through the whole score and figuring out all of the enharmonic spellings just so you could see the flow of the line. And, I would be sitting there. I would look up from the pages spread all out on the table around me, and I would see Samantha standing there giving me a look. And, I would just say that I hadn't the faintest idea why I was working on it. Nobody cared if things were enharmonically spelled. Nobody. Okay, I take that back. Samantha wasn't always standing there. I would just opinion to the world in general that nobody cared so why was I spending all of this time hunting down enharmonic opportunities. I was crazy. Crazy, I tell you.

Didn't stop me.

So, yeah, I haven't written at all about how excited I've been in the past couple of months to get my hands on a copy of Sibelius 4 or just how ecstatic I've been to get a half-decent fake instrument sounding recording of my masters thesis. I've really been in heaven. It's hard to explain, and I'm not bothering to go into detail here. I'm sure I've bitched and moaned about this a lot elsewhere. Go sort through the archive or something.

Anyway, I just lucked out. See, Sibelius 3 cost something on the order of eight hundred bucks to get what I needed, and I would just kind of mope because I didn't have that kind of money. I remember that every so often I would bug my friend Jason about the state of music software and if anybody had gotten to the point of half-decent sounding fake instrument sounds. Well, of course, it had happened, but nothing I could afford. There was this thing called Sibelius and something else called Cakewalk, and other things much more expensive that actually sounded much better. But at least Sibelius and Cakewalk were only slightly out of my price range.

So, I would mope and I would pine, and every once in a great while I would go to Sibelius' website just so I could look at what I couldn't afford. And, I was doing this once a couple of months ago and discovered the most amazing thing. They were just getting ready to release Sibelius 4, and they were celebrating by making a little less expensive to people trying to upgrade, which didn't help me. Except. And here it comes. They wanted to steal users away from Finale, and the Sibelius people were prepared to offer a great big smelly discount to anybody who could prove that they were Finale users ready to make the switch.

The things you had to do to prove you were a Finale user were kind of silly, but we're talking about getting the Sibelius 4 Competitive Upgrade for one hundred and fifty dollars instead of six hundred. Well, hell, I went ape shit. I ordered that sucker so freaking fast. Didn't give a thought to the fact that I really can't afford one hundred and fifty dollars. I was going to get it. Once that worked out, of course, I had to get the expanded fake instrument sound library, which was another one hundred and fifty bucks, and here we are.

I'm going nuts getting all of my music into Sibelius so that I can get it on my website. I've got a half-decent recording of my masters thesis. I'm happy. Broke. I mean that I am way broke. Stupid day job barely pays me enough to stay ahead of my bills, but I'm happy.

Now, go print out a copy of my Sonatina in D minor and go plunk it out at your piano. The sonatina isn't that hard to play, is it?

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