6 December, 2005

Well, the forum has been gone for a couple of weeks here, and I thought I should write something. The forum had become the place where I would stick the occasionally little flash of scribbling or whatnot. The journal was really only being used whenever I really felt like writing something or simply felt I needed to present an update to the world. Don't really know why I would do these updates. It's kind of egotistical if you were to ask me, but I do it anyway. It started out simply as an excuse to update the website on a regular basis, which is a need that really kind of petered out what with the comic updating the website three times a week. So I had been thinking that what with the forum being gone that I should get back into writing the sporadic little slip of nonsense here in the journal. Kind of keep my hand in and whatnot.

So, anyway, I'm playing around with Wordperfect, again. No real reason for it. Just felt like it. I seem to go back and forth on the whole Wordperfect thing. Sometimes I really like the program. Other times, I can't stand it. I guess I've just gotten so used to working with Microsoft Word that it is just really hard to work with Wordperfect. I'm still hooked on Word 97, of course. I don't know what I would do if I had to upgrade, which is something I have considered from time to time, but I just break out in a rash if I think about it too hard. So, it is Wordperfect for tonight's little exercise in not so creative writing.

I think I've got the end of the current episode of String Finger Theatre down. I've got my doubts. It ends just a little on the abrupt side, but I do kind of like it. I doubt know. Maybe, I'll go back and drag it out a little longer. The only thing is that I can really only think of something that would carry me through half a comic, and I do not like that. I mean I'm really worried that if I do not let the episode end where it does that I won't be able to stop it for another good half dozen comics or something, and I think I would much rather just let it stop where it is. Let the future tend to itself.

Okay, Wordperfect has just started freaking out. It is so weird. When I try to scroll down the page, I don't get the blank part of the page at the bottom. I get this blank bar as if the program cannot be bothered to render what should belong there. That is just so strange. Really not encouraging me to play around much more with this program. Oh, well.

I finally got all of my scores onto my website, which I think I've mentioned before, and now I don't have any more excuses to keep me away from the piano. This had actually been bothering me. I had been devoting so much of my time to getting my old scores into the new music program that I had not been spending any time working on new music. I knew this wasn't just a question of not having enough time. Well, it's still true that I didn't have enough time, but I think it also allowed me to avoid the issue. I also just kind of got really obsessed with getting the music on my website. No real reason for it. Just something I had to do.

So, now, I've just got to get back to it. I want to tackle another sonatina or two. I really just want to wail those things out. Get them written. Get the music rocking. Just have something to look at and listen to and think about the parts that worked and the parts that didn't work and whatnot. Also, I don't want to do a one-go kind of thing. I'm not settling for only one new piece. Okay, I'm done? Nope. Not going to happen. There will be more.

I finally saw The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy a couple of weeks ago, and I must say in complete and total honesty that the movie just sucked giant monkey balls. I couldn't believe it. It was awful. And not only were Samantha and I in total agreement about the fact that the movie was such a pile of flaming cactus poo, we were agreed about why the movie was so awful. Basically, it didn't make any sense. No, seriously, the movie just jumped around so much, never settling on anything, that it was almost impossible to follow what was going on. Also as Samantha put it rather succinctly, Douglas Adams humor was subtle. You wouldn't necessarily realize this what with phrases along the lines of the creation of the universe being a bad idea, but it really is more subtle than you may think. The movie was not subtle. Didn't make sense, either, but that is neither here nor there. Oh, well, I understand that quite a rather large number of people did like the movie so that is cool.

Okay, Wordperfect has been freaking out quite a bit. It's gotten so bad that I basically cannot look at the line I am typing as I type it. Or rather I should say that it had been happening all through the last paragraph or two. It stopped freaking out for this paragraph. No idea why. Oh, well, I guess I won't be doing too much with this program here. Maybe, muck around with it occasionally when I'm in the mood but certainly not be making use of it on a regular basis.

Maybe, when I get around to working on the next part of The Faire Folk of Gideon. Yeah, I was thinking about using Wordperfect for that one. No real reason. Just because. Of course, if Wordperfect keeps wigging out on me, I won't be using the program for squat.

24 December, 2005

Yeah, just in case you haven't noticed it yet, I'm taking a break from String Finger Theatre. What can I say? It's not my life or anything. Just something I started for fun. I mean I always wanted to do a web comic, and I wanted a way to keep my website updated on a regular basis. I definitely felt the need to do something amusing. Things just got so depressing in late two-thousand and one, didn't they?

Anyway, I didn't like how my ideas for the next episode were working out, and I didn't want to throw something up just to have something going on. That is no fun. Nor did I want to just keep repeating myself. One idea I had started to consider for a future episode was basically just another mad scientist trying to take over the world. And, I thought, hey, I've done that. I don't want to do it again.

Also, I finally reached the conclusion I needed a lot more time to work on other stuff like music. Yeah, I haven't really gotten anywhere there. Just the one little piano sonatina all year. Oh, yeah, that is just being so productive.

I mean working on a web comic is just such a freaking monster even a web comic of stick figures which are so easy to do that just anybody and everybody is doing stick figures as you can tell from the vast glut of stick figure comics littering the world wide web, but I digress.

I mean the comic has to be updated. It just doesn't stop. Even when you're only updating three times a week, you still have to do it. Rain or shine. Coughing fever or cold. The comic demands. The comic must be fed, and that just gets depressing after a while. I guess it would help if the day job wasn't so stressful and depressing, but oh well.

So, yeah, definitely time for a break.

I'll get back to it one of these days. Well, if I feel like it. I mean I'm not going to run the comic just to run the comic. String Finger Theatre isn't my life. It's something I've done for the fun of it. When and if I think of something fun to do with it, then there will be more. In the mean time, hopefully, there will be music.

There will also, hopefully, be more Faire Folk of Gideon, but that isn't as big a deal to me as getting some more music out there. There will also, hopefully, be something soon on the publishing front for both The Etymology of Fire and The Faire Folk of Gideon. I've noticed a print-on-demand outfit that doesn't weird me out too much so I'm considering trying to work with them, but we shall see.

Anyway, for the time being, the comic main page will display a random strip from the archive when you go to it. So, have fun.

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