7 May, 2007

Well, so much for doing something different with the accompaniment of the third movement of the piano sonatina in A Major. I just ripped it all out and replaced it with something completely different this past week, which is kind of depressing if you think about it. Not the bit about changing the accompaniment. The fact that I was simply able to rip out everything besides the melody and stick something else in its place. You shouldn't be able to do that. The music should be a holistic whole where one cannot really be separated from the other without utterly destroying the work. This is something I think I was complaining about the last time I wrote a bit on the subject. And, no, I'm not going to look on the bright side or something stupid like that. Oh, by changing the accompaniment the way that I have may result in that holistic whole I was talking about. Bullshit. It has to do with the way I've been approaching the work. Too much melody is worked out before anything else. This isn't something I've ever set out to do. It just sort of happened.

I can't remember if this is something else I've mentioned. There is a bit of shortsightedness to these piano sonatinas. Far too much thought goes into the current measure and the next and the next. Very little thought goes into the overall structural phrasing or anything like that. On the one hand, this doesn't really bother me since these really are only supposed to be stupid little exercise pieces of shit. On the other hand, it still bothers me. But, it is all for the good, I suppose. It does mean that I'm paying attention to the current state of my strengths and weaknesses, which is as close to looking on the bright side as I'm going to get.

Man, I hate looking on the bright side. It's just so fake syrupy cheery, if that makes any sense at all. Never look on the bright side.

Anyway, I've read something in the news this week that has just struck me as really funny. There's this website where all of the users have been posting the secret code that allows people to copy High Definition DVD movies. The website's management tried to remove all of the copies of the code at the request of the code's owner, which got all of the users very upset. The website's management has caved, and the code is all over the place again. Actually, I understand at this point that the users have gotten bored with the whole thing and moved onto some other topic or other.

Which isn't actually what I found so funny. No, the funny bit was when I read that the users were complaining about their first amendment rights being violated by having the secret code removed. This amuses me because it's not really a first amendment thing. It's really more of a stealing thing, or at the vest least, it is an accessory to theft thing. I mean, really, it is a code that allows people to steal. It's really not that very different from somebody discovering the combination of a safe and proceeding to blaster that combination all over the damn place. Sure, the person who discovered the combination may not actually be the one taking advantage of it, but they did leave it where people who might be so inclined to abuse it could easily find it. There's got to be an accessory to something in there someplace.

Oh, wait, it is also like discovering the username and password of somebody's online bank account and posting that info. Or slightly different again, it's as if the users of this website all had their passwords posted to the website. Yeah, I like that one because it affects the people who claim this is a first amendment issue. I would like to see them cry freedom of speech when their very own passwords are posted. Not that I'm saying this should actually happen. That wouldn't be very nice at all. I'm just saying that posting a secret code is really not that very much different from posting somebody's password.

Sure, one is about giant companies that charge a lot of money for things that people want, and the other is about the secret passwords of specific individuals. But, the principle involved is the same. Really, it is.

28 May, 2007

I've wanted to say something now that the Sonatina in A Major is officially up on my website, but there really isn't that much that I really want to say. It's more of the desire in and off itself than anything else. Mostly, I've just wanted to put something to knock that last journal entry off the main page. The one where I was still whining because the sonatina wasn't done or something like that. Just didn't really want to leave it hanging around there.

Still, not much to say. It isn't really like I want to put some kind of dissertation or explanation of the sonatina. Focus on all the little things and turns of phrase or such non-sense. I mean, there it is. Enjoy it. Don't enjoy it. It's just a little sonatina. What do I care?

So, overall, I'm happy with how it turned out. I mean, I still go back and forth. One moment, liking the little bastard. The next moment, thinking it is an ugly little bastard. It's such a cheery little piece of shit. Especially in the beginning. Then, the repeats. I cringe at the repeats more often than not. But, overall, I'm happy with how it turned out.

I'm especially happy with the fact that it only took five or six months to finish. This is a big improvement over the last one, which took a year, which isn't entirely accurate. There were, in fact, other factors that played into the fact that a year would pass between the completion of the first two sonatinas. I just happen to tend to think of the whole compositional process as taking a year even when it didn't. Didn't happen that way. But, there you are.

I still want to do two more of these stinking little bastards. Round the ensemble out to five. I like that idea. I like it rather a lot. The plan is to make the next one a little shorter. These really were all supposed to be in the range of the first one. Or, the second, really. Somewhere between those two. This third sonatina clocking in at ten minutes is really pushing it, I think.

So, we shall see what happens. Try to keep the next one shorter. Still haven't quite decided what to do after I've finished the five sonatinas. Considering it'll likely be a year before I have to give any real thought to that question, I don't think I'll be worrying about it overly much.

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