30 September, 2007

This has got to be the longest I have gone without writing a journal entry. Yes, that fact has been nagging at me as I've said far too many times before that I have this irrational need to keep the website updated. Strangely enough, it hasn't really been bothering me that much, and I think that has something to do with the fact that I've been doing pretty good with the music output. I mean, it only took three months to churn out that last piano sonatina, and that sonatina just rocks. I mean, I know that I am biased and all of that, but it rocks.

So, I really haven't felt a need to updated the journal, and I certainly don't want to update it with any old random crap just to have an updated. If I can churn out a new piece of music every three months or so, well, I just think that is as good as churning out a new journal entry every couple of weeks. Oh, yeah, I would much rather work on the music than spend time on the journal if it means more music.

Besides, there really hasn't been that much I've felt compelled to prattle on about here. I really hate wasteful journal entries. Dumb entries. Dry entries. Meaningless little factoid entires. Yeah, I hate those. In fact, I really rather hate the last couple of entries I had done because they were all really rather on the dry and unimpassioned side. I did this. I posted that. I reported that I was two-thirds of the way through some damn shit or other.

Well, I was trying to keep the journal updated. I was even trying to run shorter entries if that was all the time and interest I had for it. But, they sucked. They just really sucked, and I didn't want to keep producing suckers like that.

Not that I'm saying this entry is much better. It's little more than an apology, isn't it?

So, I'm working on the last in my piano sonatina series. Yes, once I am done with this last one, I haven't really decided what I am going to do. It'll either stay a little on the traditional side but with more instruments. Or, it'll be a little more on the wild side. A little closer in tone to the Outgrabe for Clarinet and Piano or The Red King Outgrabe. Yeah, a little more like that.

I haven't decided. I doubt I will decide until I get there. Don't want to go planning too much too far ahead. I would much rather go with what feels right at the time.

There are a couple of things I have thought about prattling on about in this here journal, but nothing I really feel compelled to write about. I started to write an entry about The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but I sort-of staggered to a close. There really is something I feel strongly about regarding that story, and it's something I always feel that gets overlooked. But, I just really haven't felt compelled to skip other stuff in order to get to it.

Oh, well, one of these days.

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