14 March, 2009

Note to self: stop listening to podcasts from 2005. They lead to dumb-ass journal entires that could cause nothing but trouble and highlight the basic level of intelligence exhibited by the idiot running this here website. You know the saying: it's better to shut the fuck up and leave people wondering if you are a fool than to open your big dumb mouth and remove all doubt.

Anyway, I wish I had more to say about the state of my musical inclinations but there just isn't much to report. I'm two thirds of the way through my latest piano based extravaganza. It's a little less tonal than the last five POS works I've done. The main roadblock at the moment is simply that work has been so busy this young year that I get home exhausted and don't really want to do much more than rest my brain and then sleep.

So, today's inspiration to waste time writing scrag on this here little bit of heaven is the latest example of the state of the world.

My seller's permit has been canceled for lack of sales last year. This came as a bit of a surprise to me not because sales have been really low but because I haven't reported last year's minor league sales figures to the state yet. Which still work out to zero taxable sales but that is beside the point.

It's true. Sales are never good. I think I average one book a year. What can I say? I am just absolutely no good at convincing people that they need to read what I wrote. I would much rather spend my limited amount of time away from my day job resting or trying to be creative. Whoring myself is just not that high on the last. Which, I know, would have more time to do if I just emphasized the whoring so that I could shove the day job. But, it's just not my priority. Oh, and using the very extravagant word "whoring" in place of "marketing" is not really meant as commentary on "marketing." It is just more fun to say. Especially since it isn't even accurate. See, marketing requires spending money on my part to convince people they should buy what I have wrote. Whoring is kind of the other way around. I mean, I won't really be whoring until people actually start buying what I have wrote. That would be more technically accurate. Which doesn't really matter. Still more fun to say whoring than marketing.

Hey, what's the word for the guy who stands there trying to convince the random passer-by that they really need a whee little bit of female companionship? Can't think of it. No, not pimp. There's another word. The guy who stands there and says there is a good show inside.

Random digressions aside, I didn't have any sales that the State of California could tax last year because what few sales I did have were all through So, they would have taken care of any sales tax. Not me.

And, I actually think it is kind of funny that the State of California spends more money on the paperwork and random bureaucracy required of my seller's permit than the average of five dollars a year I give them is worth. Wait, I said that poorly. I mean it costs them more to process my paperwork and cash my check than the value of said check.

Sad but true. Everybody is suffering. Has to be the case. They wouldn't take my average of five bucks a year for about twelve years and then suddenly stop unless there were external forces at work. Oh, look, external forces.

I was a little worried about what this means for the state of my pathetic little business for maybe about as long as it took me to read the letter saying they are canceling my permit. Really, it isn't that big a deal. The seller's permit allows me to do two things. Sell a copy of one of my books to any old random person on the street. Pay somebody in California to print more copies of one of my books without paying California sales tax on the actual printing.

So, any one of my books can still be sold by, Lulu or Cafe Press without any trouble since they would be responsible for any applicable sales tax. Any old bookstore who happened to have one of my books can still sell it and give me my cut without any trouble because they would also handle the sales tax. I can still sell a copy of one of my books without worrying about sales tax as long as the person buying it lives in a different state than me. That person had also better be standing in a different state than me at the time of the transaction, too, or else there are sales tax complications.

So, really, the only thing I cannot do is hand somebody a copy while we are both standing within the same state and accept payment for that copy. Easy. Especially since I haven't even gotten around to updating my book order form in I can't remember how long. In fact, I don't even think I've got an order form on my website at the moment.

Oh, right, and just to be technical, the letter doesn't say they are canceling my seller's permit. It says they are considering it.

We shall see how things progress.

And, keep watching the Daily Show with John Stewart. That was awesome what they did this past week.

15 March, 2009

Hey, what is with writing these journal entries in pairs? Isn't really a habit I want to get into especially since today's little twist of fate is so insignificant, but I just don't want to let it rest. I'll forget all about it. Almost got overshadowed by something that happened at the grocery store today, but I don't want to get into that until I've screamed my bloody fool head off at a few more people.

So, I haven't seen the movie Watchmen yet. Probably won't see it until DVD time. But, I keep hearing people mention that the Watchmen comic book has been named one of the best novels since 1923 by Time magazine. And, I twigged to something this morning. Just had to share.

Watchmen, the comic book, has been named one of the 100 best English language novels since 1923 by Time magazine. Time magazine? As in, that magazine owned by Time-Warner? For a while, it was AOL-Time-Warner but I digress.

So, you're saying a magazine published by Time-Warner has said that the Watchmen comic book is one of the 100 best English language novels written since 1923? A comic book published by DC Comics? The very same comic book company also owned by Time-Warner?

And, let us not forget that Time-Warner also owns Warner Brothers, which just so happens to have released a big budget movie adaptation of the Watchmen comic book.

So, Time-Warner through one of its magazines has declared a comic book also published by Time-Warner to be one of the 100 best English language novels written since 1923?


I'm in the wrong business, man. I should own a rather large company such as Time-Warner so that I can have one branch declare the work of another branch to be a rather stagger accomplishment.

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