26 December, 2010
ePub Format Plans

Step one of the recombobulation is complete. The Faire Folk of Gideon is now available in HTML, PDF and ePub formats on my website. Sure took freaking long enough.

I'm still nervous about the ePub version. Sure, it looks fine on my computer, using the only free desktop ePub reader I could find. The other one I tested only worked with ePub files that you purchased from that particular ePub reader's store. Probably could have hunted around more, but I managed to find one. Don't want to clutter up the computer too badly with random programs.

So, okay, it looks half-decent. As half-decent as anything in the ePub format can look anyway. Seriously, this is quite the bare-bones format. Oh, sure, you can probably add more formatting, but the problem there is not knowing how many ePub readers actually support more than the most basic of formatting. I'm not going to push the limits. Not anytime soon.

Now, if only I knew how it looked on some actual eBook readers. There's the real test. The one making me nervous. Obviously, I'm going to live with it. I'm not going to run out and spend lots of money on something I'm only going to use once in a blue moon. No portable reader. No smart phone for me. Nothing snobbery about it. I simply cannot think of enough things I would do with one, and I definitely do not have the money to throw around on one.

Oh, well.

Hey, I didn't know that recombobulation was actually a word. I just thought it sounded cool. I must have heard it somewhere but never gave it much thought. Imaginary word. Sounds great rolling off the tongue. Turns out it has an actual definition at the Urban Dictionary. Not sure I'm using it in the proper context, but I don't care. The word just sounds cool. Drives people crazy when I use words the way I want them to mean. Completely ignoring all common sense and grammar. But, that's just the way I roll. Must be the vestigial poet in me. I make words means what I want them to mean. Screw precedent. This is art.

Which brings us from awkward and outlandish countries back around to step two of the recombobulation of my great fictions. The Faire Folk of Gideon is all tricked-out in multiple formats on the old website. It is time to start working on The Etymology of Fire and The Magic Flute. Going to run step two a little differently than step one. Now, that I've got the basic hang of how the new format works I'm going to run the other two works in parallel.

First, I shall convert both to HTML format. Then, into single file PDF versions complete with fancy interactive bookmarks and tables of contents. Finally, into ePub format. No real reason for this approach. Just figure it'll be better to do each one in this go as I'm more likely to remember what I'm doing that way. Keep each format fresh in my mind rather than skipping around.

Then, there is step three or maybe I should be calling these things phases instead of steps. But, I'm not in the mood. Steps, it shall be.

Okay, I'm not going to think too hard about step three. I'm having enough trouble contemplating the time-frame for step two. Step one sure took freaking long enough, and I'm looking at a very busy January at work. Sucks. February may be a little better. But, January? Fuck.

Right, step three. Interlocution three shall be the preparation of ePub format for where I plan on making it available in such a way that I would get about one dollar out of the deal. That's right. Freely available from my website. DRM-free, too. Copyright still in effect so no plagiarism or unauthorized adaptations or derivatives, please. The whole point of making a really cheap copy available at is so people have a way to throw me a spot of money without having to spend so freaking much on a dead-tree copy.

Unlike just about everyone else in the universe, the dime-store copy will not include any special content or anything. I am planning on removing the please support the author text so I guess that'll be something.

I'm just not into enticements. I don't care about the long tale or farming the dedicated fan or whatever. Seriously, the thought of encouraging people to follow me just kind of creeps me out. Creating special additions that only the dedicated fan would be interested in. The whole concept bothers me.

Feels way to much like a pusher to me. Need your fix? Only available to my truly special friends. Costs a little more but definitely worth it. You are my special friend, aren't you? If you really were my dedicated fan, you would buy this one, too. It's got extra italic words in it.

Yeah, makes me want to wretch.

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