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Web Comics' Model

Actually, I want to use a variation on the web comics' model. The principle is fairly simple. If you like my website and the content it provides, then please support my work and website by purchasing a copy of one of my books. A lot of websites also have a PayPal donation link, but I'm not going to do that unless there is a lot of interest in the option and I figure out how to implement it.

Remember, web hosting costs money. Bandwidth costs money. Contrary to what some people would have you believe, there simply is no such thing as a free lunch. YouTube that supposed standard-bearer of free content, for example, looses millions upon millions of dollars every year. [UPDATE, 2/6/11: I understand that YouTube is finally turning a profit] Just because each individual user isn't paying does not mean nobody pays. Somebody pays. Somebody always pays.

So, if you like the content provided here, please do your part to support my work by purchasing a copy of one of my books from Amazon, CafePress or Lulu. Purchase copies for people you know. Donate copies to your local used book store or Friends of the Public Library, and otherwise tell your friends about these here works of supposed art.

Another way to support my work would be to purchase a Don't Mess with Science T-shirt or coffee mug from my Cafe Press store. For each T-shirt or mug purchased, I get one dollar.

UPDATE, 3/6/11: DRM-free eBook editions are now available at Lulu for $3/each, which is a lot less expensive than the paperbacks. The eBooks available at Lulu are essentially identical to the ePub editions available through for free so it doesn't make a big difference which edition you keep. Simply support the author by going to Lulu and paying those three bucks.

UPDATE, 3/19/11: DRM-free eBooks are now available at for the Kindle and the Kindle app. This edition is identical to the version available at outside of the fact that it is in the Amazon Kindle's Mobi format.

UPDATE, 7/1/11: has terminated my Amazon Associates account because I am a resident of California, which means you can no longer support my creative endevors by buying stuff from Bummer.

UPDATE, 6/22/12: The Cafe Press page has been shut down, and I've closed my account. It had been a lot time since there had been any activity. So long, in fact, that Cafe Press had actually started deleting files. I just got tired of paying the annual fee. So, gone now. I'm also in the process of removing all the files. Just feel like consolidating for some reason. Oh, well.

All efforts are appreciated.
Thank you

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