16 February, 2005
Added RSS Channel to website

Added an XML RSS 2.0 Channel to the website. Not really done for any other reason than because I figured out how to do it. Still working on what I am going to do with the channel now that I've got it.

19 February, 2005
Updated the website main page

Updated the main page to include a more obvious link to the RSS Channel. Apparently, Firefox is the only web browser in the universe that can automatically spot a website's RSS Channel. The style of the new RSS Channel link was recommended by one of the RSS info websites I visited; unfortunately, I cannot find that site again so that I can link to it.

Removed the direct link to The Faire Folk of Gideon. Something I had been thinking about doing for a while out of concern for clutter on the main page.

Removed the word count table. Wasn't really serving any useful purpose since shifting my emphasis back to composing music.

21 February, 2005
Rumplestiltskin in Love begins today

String Finger Theatre—Episode Five—Rumplestiltskin in Love began at midnight on Monday, February 21, 2005.

String Finger Theatre is a web comic mostly about the adventures of three stick figures in a quirky two-dimensional world. When Mike, Reformed Evil Mad Scientist in Training Cat, and Zed are not saving the world from third dimensional wombats or thwarting international jewel thieves, they can be found engaged in such existentialist discussions as what happens when nobody is reading? Do they just stand around frozen in place or do they have lives beyond the panel's edge?

21 February, 2005 is back online

I don't know how long it took, but Hostrocket has finally fixed whatever was wrong all afternoon. is back online. This is exactly the kind of thing you want to have happen when you've just finished advertising on another website that your web comic has started a new storyline. Oh, yeah, nobody can see it. Argh.

26 February, 2005
Added a news page to the website

In an effort to improve Stormsdream's RSS Channel, I have added a news page to correspond with the news items in the channel. Since I had simply been using the main page as the link for the news items, both Thunderbird and Newsfire had simply been stacking the items on top of each other so that only the latest one was actually displayed. This change will hopefully allow all news items to appear in whatever RSS Reader you happen to be using.

Oh, and just because I am a snot, the only way to access the news page will be through the RSS Channel. I have absolutely no plans to place a link to the page anywhere on the website.

4 March, 2005
Moved RSS Channel Link on Main Page

The more obvious link to my RSS Channel was starting to bother me. It was a little too intrusive and obvious so I've shuttled it off to the side where it can lurk a little more quietly beneath the menu buttons on the main page. I also discovered that sites like Yahoo and MSN provide linking icons and URL instructions so that you can set-up links that would add the RSS Channel directly to somebody's My Yahoo or My MSN page. I actually thought about throwing some of those on for a while but finally decided that it was too intrusive.

9 March, 2005
Missing dialog from today's comic found

Oh, man, I cannot believe I forgot to put a whole frame's worth of dialog in today's comic. The funny thing is that it really doesn't impact the comic that much. In fact, it almost looks like Mike is just thinking, but his stance is all wrong for that. So, it kind of works, but it doesn't. I knew I had to fix it. Since I was already fixing things with the comic, I also went ahead and changed Mike's stance in a couple of the frames. I didn't change his stance in the frame that was missing dialog. I changed the way he was standing in the two frames after that. So, yeah, a comic with very little dialog was actually supposed to have a little more dialog than it first saw the light of day with.

12 March, 2005
Missing dialog from today's comic found

Finally did a spot of editing on the February 28th journal entry. It had taken me twice as long as I had expected to write the entry because it turned out to be much longer than I had anticipated. It was just so late by the time I was finished I didn't have the energy to go back through and look for typos and shit. I knew I was going to go back to it and try to find the more obvious problems. I just didn't think it would take as long as it did. Oh, well, it is done now.

5 April, 2005
Finally updated my Amazon Associates Page

Yeah, I know. It took me long enough, but I have finally updated my Amazon Associates Page. The hard part was deciding what to updated the page with so I finally decided on some comics that have been repackaged as trade paperbacks. Oh, and I suppose I should mention that Hard Boiled is one sick sick comic.

7 April, 2005
Figured out em-dash & en-dash for the RSS Channel

Hey, I figured out how to put en-dash and em-dash characters into my RSS Channel. Now, that is just cool. It was really obvious, too. I should have thought of it sooner, but it wasn't until I just tried to figure out how to include the copyright symbol in the RSS Channel that I finally got it. You can't simply use ampersand-blah-blah like with the greater than and less than symbols. You actually have to use the code for ampersand so that it translates into an ampersand for the rest of the code. No, I'm not going to try explaining that better, and for those people who already knew this, I figured it out. Sure, it took me time, but I still figured it out all by myself.

1 June, 2005
Fixed typo in comic update script

Argh! This always happens, but at least it had an interesting twist this time. I’m so used to getting the math wrong and putting down the wrong day of the year that it took me a while to figure out the problem was in the variable name. In two instances, I had used $tocay instead of $today. Threw everything off. Oh, well, I’ve got the comic updating correctly again.

16 August, 2005
Added podcast to website

Added Podcast RSS Channel to the website. This is interesting. Podcasting is just an XML RSS Channel with an extra XML tag to let your podcast program know where to find the MP3 file.

12 September, 2005
Added piano sonatina score to website

Took advantage of Sibelius 4's web publishing features to put the complete score of my stupid little piano sonatina on the website.

18 September, 2005
Added solo flute score to website

Added the score for the Outgrabe for Solo Flute to the website.

23 September, 2005
Added score to Somewhere for oboe and piano

Added the score for Somewhere for oboe and piano to the website. The piece was originally written for piano and tenor, which is why there are lyrics.

25 September, 2005
Finally updated the comic

Hey, look, I've finally had a chance to update String Finger Theatre.

30 October, 2005
Added scores for first part of masters thesis quintet

Uploaded the scores for the first and second movements of my masters thesis quintet to the website. The third movement should follow sometime this week. Playing the score of the second movement should sound a little weird since I didn't bother to include the tracks for the percussion sound substitutes for finger clicking.

5 November, 2005
Added score for third part of masters thesis quintet

Uploaded the score for the final movement of my masters thesis quintet to the website.

20 November, 2005
Added Outgrabe for Clarinet & Piano score

Uploaded the score for the Outgrabe for Clarinet and Piano to the website. This one just took forever to enter into Sibelius. Here I thought it was going to be easy. Just two parts, right? Well, it turns out that what with all the notes and everything in the piano part that it felt like it took forever.

27 November, 2005
Added Outgrabe for horn, violin, viola & cello score

Uploaded the score for the Outgrabe for Horn, Violin, Viola and Cello to the website. This is the last of the major scores from my old college days. There are still two minor piano scores, which I am considering putting on my website, but I haven't decided yet.

23 December, 2005
Modified comic main page

Modified the comic main page to display a random strip from the archive whenever the page is refreshed. I just figured this would be more fun than leaving it sitting on the last comic. Who would want to look at that all the time?

25 December, 2005
Updated the Amazon Associates page

Yeah, I know. I've finally gotten around to updating the Amazon Assocaites page. It only took me something like eight months. And, of course, Amazon has changed the way they handle these things again. I don't like the new format at all, and it looks kind of yucky on the page. Just go look for yourself.

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