1 January, 2006
String Finger Theatre T-shirt at Cafe Press

The official String Finger Theatre Don't Mess with Science Black T-shirt is now available at I'm doing this kind-of as an experiment while I'm working on getting The Etymology of Fire and The Faire Folk of Gideon ready for print-on-demand publication.

14 January, 2006
Fallen Tree

During one of those big wind and rain storms we had recently, this big old tree right across from our apartment went down. Woke me right up when that monster came crashing down. Covered a whole bunch of cars. Of course, it didn't stop raining enough to take pictures until long after the fire department had been at it clearing the cars. Now, I've finally gotten around to putting some of those pictures up on the website. You can sort-of see our apartment in one of the pictures, but I'm not going to say which one.

29 January, 2006
Sea Lions & Jellyfish

Uploaded pictures from that trip Samantha & I took to the Monterey Bay Aquarium last year. We had to take pictures without the flash so some of these are really cool. I've also uploaded some pictures I took a couple of weeks ago of the sea lions down at Pier 39 in San Francisco.

26 February, 2006
The Etymology of Fire at

The Etymology of Fire is now available for purchase from Cafe Press. I'll tell you. It sure took longer than I thought. Working with the Cafe Press' website to get the cover done was a serious pain. I just hope it looks okay.

18 April, 2006
The Faire Folk of Gideon at

The Faire Folk of Gideon is now available for purchase from Cafe Press. The big debate was whether to set up a seperate shop for The Faire Folk of Gideon or use the same one. See, CafePress charges money if you want to have more than one of the same kind of item in any one shop. So, on the one hand, it is cheaper if everything is kept seperate. On the other hand, it is more cumbersome and probably harder for people to find stuff if it is seperated all over creation. I've decided to go with the five bucks a month version so that everything can be in the same place. Now, all I need is to sell five books a month to break even.

14 May, 2006
Attack of the Third Dimension at

The first String Finger Theatre reprint book, Attack of the Third Dimension, has actually been available at for a little over a week. I didn't want to make a big deal about it until after I got my copy because I wanted to make sure it looked okay. Well, my copy finally arrived, and it looks great. It looks awesome. Now, I just need to get to work on the rest of the reprint books. There are only five more to go.

13 June, 2006
The Search for Zed's New Groove at

The second String Finger Theatre reprint book, The Search for Zed's New Groove, is finally available at It took a lot longer than I thought it would because of unexpected problems with getting the comics ready for the print version. It was during the time of working on this episode that I got a new computer with the latest version of Adobe Illustrator, and I started experimenting with Illustrator's new features. It resulted in some figures being thick while others were thin so I had to go through ever comic and decide how to deal with it. Basically, I managed to work it out so that about the first half of comics will have thick figures and the second half will have thin figures. Hopefully, I won't have this much trouble with the rest of the books. At least episode three is short.

8 July, 2006
Revenge of the Third Dimension at

The fourth String Finger Theatre reprint book, Revenge of the Third Dimension, is now available at I didn't skip book three, by the way. I simply forgot to mention it here when it was done, which isn't actully entirely true. I sent an email out to friends with the idea that I would post a news blurb later; unfortunately, I just got a little lazy and became much more interested in working on getting book four ready for publication. Revenge of the Third Dimension is a monster, by the way, clocking in at something aroudn one hundred and thirty-four pages. Yeah, it is far and away the longest of the String Finger Theatre stories. It's also the best, but that is just my opinion.

5 September, 2006
Rumplestiltskin in Love at

The fifth String Finger Theatre reprint book, Rumplestiltskin in Love, is now available at This wound-up taking a lot longer than I had hoped. First, because of exhaustion from work related stress. Second, because Cafe Press had some problems with their manuscript upload website. Oh, yeah, and this announcement would have been up yesterday except Dreamweaver had to go and crash on me just after I had finished getting everything ready to post but before I could save. Freaking software sucks. I mean software in general. Nothing personnel against Dreamweaver.

5 September, 2006
Industrial Strength Art at

The sixth String Finger Theatre reprint book, Industrial Strength Art, is now available at It actually would have been up the same day as episode five except Cafe Press developed another problem with their upload manuscript website. Fortunately, it only took them a day to fix. I had originally planned on only doing one news blurb but changed my mind yesterday right before the whole works crashed. Oh, well. I'm still doing two blurbs even if all the text I wrote yesterday is all gone, gone gone.

5 September, 2006
Sonatina in F minor Score Posted

Well, it certainly took long enough, but I finally finished my second piano sonatina. Both the Sibelius score and the MP3 of my computer's performance have been uploaded to the music section of my website.

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