1 March, 2008
Sonatina in B-Flat Major Score Posted

The score for my Piano Sonatina in B-Flat Major has finally been posted to my website. It took freaking long enough to finish, and the score is so long that I've actually posted each movement as a seperate file. The other sonatinas were all posted as single files for not really overly defined reasons. I just felt like it, I guess.

4 July, 2008
The Etymology of Fire available at

The Etymology of Fire is now available at both and Freshly edited, again. Got ride of a whole bunch of embarrassing typos that I didn't even know where still there.

7 August, 2008
The Faire Folk of Gideon available at

Actually, The Faire Folk of Gideon: Pin the Tail on the Donkey has been available at for awhile now. I simply forgot to post a news item about it. At least, I remembered to include a link on the books page, and one of these days I may even get around to writing a journal entry about it.

27 September, 2008 finally locates the books I sent them

It's about freaking time, but finally found the copies of The Etymology of Fire and the Faire Folk of Gideon that I sent them.

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