2 January, 2010
Podcasting The Faire Folk of Gideon

After months of preparation and delays, the podcast of The Faire Folk of Gideon: Pin the Tail on the Donkey has begun. With luck, a new chapter will be posted each week until it is over, which should take just over a year.

4 February, 2010
The Magic Flute and Etymology of Fire full-text available

In keeping with my thoughts about the web comics' model of support, the full text of both The Magic Flute and The Etymology of Fire are once again available on my website as DRM-free PDF files.

6 February, 2010
Fixed Podcast of Chapter Five

Whoops, sorry! Just discovered that the podcast RSS link for chapter five of The Faire Folk of Gideon was actually pointing at chapter four. Fixed now. If you are using iTunes to download the podcast, you will need to re-download chapter five. Since nobody brought this to my attention, I'm guessing that nobody is using the podcast RSS feed. Just as well then.

21 February, 2010
Stormsdream on Twitter

Well, now I've gone and done it. I've opened a Twitter account, which I did mostly to make sure nobody else could claim stormsdream as their username. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with the account.

13 March, 2010
Website Redesign is Live

The website redesign is live in all of its unfinished glory. I've only been planning this since I started posting the audiobook. The most obvious changes are I removed the pictures, news has its own link, and poetry has been subsumed by fiction.

Uploading all the new files took so long I won't upload the new chapter of the audiobook until later today or even tomorrow.

I will finish updating the journal archive and converting string finger theatre just as quick as I can.

25 March, 2010
Journal Entries from 2002 are Back Up

I got through the journal entries from 2002 and posted them last week, but I'm just now getting around to pointing that fact out. I probably won't bother to mention this on Twitter or Facebook.

1 April, 2010
Fixed Current Journal Entry Problems

Okay, I think I fixed all the problems with the current journal entries. Rather stupid really. I forgot to double-check everything. Left broken links and the wrong text up for days and days. Should be better now.

17 April, 2010
Audiobook, Plan B

Okay, I'm not happy with the progress on The Faire Folk of Gideon audiobook so it is time for Plan B. I'm going to post the chapters of Seeking Dragon's Breath biweekly until they are all ready. At which point, I will switch back to a weekly posting schedule. This schedule to start as soon as The Red King Outgrabe is finished posting or reposting or whichever it is.

8 May, 2010
Slight Website Redesign

Just some slight adjustments to the main page. I know it doesn't look as cool loosing those side-by-side boxes, but they were just causing more trouble than they were worth. Making me spend too much time worrying if the title would be so long it would wrap. Wondering how this would affect everything. The new method feels slightly bulky, but at least it is more versatile. Oh, well. Work in progress. Evolution in action. We shall see how things develop.

10 May, 2010
Journal Entries through 2005 are Back Up

Well, it is going slow as hell, but I've actually managed to get the journal archive all the way through 2005 back up on the website. Who has time to work on this stuff?

22 May, 2010
All Journal Entries are Back

Finally, the complete journal archive is back up. It sure took me long enough to get them all converted to the new format. Downright annoying that I had to do it. Now, I've just got to finish upgrading the web comic archive.

18 July, 2010
Sonatina in B-Flat Major, 1. Allegro, Score

Finally, the first movement of the Sonatina in B-Flat Major score has been uploaded in PDF format. If I had waited until all three movements were ready, it would probably never have happened. Hopefully, the second movement doesn't take another year.

18 July, 2010
Audiobook, Plan C

I'm down to the last chapter of Seeking Dragon's Breath. As soon as it is ready, posting of the Faire Folk of Gideon audiobook will go back on a weekly schedule. I hope to maintain that schedule through the rest of Seeking Dragon's Breath and Flailing Rebellion. We shall see how brave I'm feeling and how well I can keep up the pace.

24 July, 2010
String Finger Theatre Trouble

Yes, I have finally noticed that there is something wrong with the comics page. No matter what I try it simply will not display anything other than the first comic. I haven't altered the PHP code so I have absolutely no idea why it has stopped working. You may even notice a very simple test.php page as I try to figure this out. I've even got a request into my hosting service's tech support. I don't know what is more depressing. That there is a problem or that nobody noticed there is a problem.

31 July, 2010
Another Slight Website Modification

Another very slight modification to the main page of the website. Now, the less important lists take up less vertical real estate. I mean, are the links to Twitter and Facebook really that important?

7 August, 2010
Sonatina in B-Flat Major, 2. Allegro non tropo, Score

The PDF score for the second movement of the Sonatina in B-Flat Major is up. At least, it didn't take as freaking long to finish as the first movement. I also tweaked the spacing on most of the other scores. Fontunately, that hardly took any time at all.

25 September, 2010
Audiobook, Plan D

Sorry about the delay in posting the last chapter of Seeking Dragon's Breath. I blame work, but considering they're telling me the work could help lead to cures for ovarian and breast cancer, I guess I shouldn't complain too much. There's not really any plan for continuing the audiobook at the moment. Just a vague hope I'll be able to start posting again within a month.

17 October, 2010
Sonatina in B-Flat Major, 3. Presto, Score

Finally uploaded the PDF score of the third movement of the Sonatina in B-Flat Major. The Outgrabe for violin and contrabass is next. Let's see how long it takes.

30 October, 2010
Audiobook, Plan E

It's a good thing there are so many letters in the alphabet because I'm burning through them like nobody's business. The current plan is to run Flailing Rebellion a chapter a week until it is done and then drop to a biweekly schedule for the rest of the book. I'm not wild about this idea, but it seems like the best compromise at the moment. A consistent schedule, even biweekly, just strikes me as better than running and stopping and running and stopping. Here is hoping I can maintain a biweekly schedule. Wish me luck.

4 December, 2010
Faire Folk of Gideon Format Updates

The Faire Folk of Gideon is now available in HTML format and also as a single PDF file rather than five seperate files. An ePub format version will be made available as soon as I can figure out how to make it work. This is part of a long-term plan to convert all three novels to HTML format, combined PDF and ePub formats. Once the freely available versions of ePub format are online, I'll work out how to make a paid version available through and elsewhere as part of my support the author plan.

12 December, 2010
Fixed Faire Folk of Gideon PDF

Yeah, fixed a really embarrasing typo in the brand new Faire Folk of Gideon PDF. How I managed to spell the word "permitted" with two "S" I really don't know.

25 December, 2010
Faire Folk of Gideon Available in ePub Format

The Faire Folk of Gideon is now available in ePub format. I don't have an eBook reader or a smart phone so I can't properly road-test the file. It looks okay using the Adobe desktop eBook reader.

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