15 January, 2012
All Three Revised Proofs Approved

All three books were revised and submitted to Createspace. The new proofs arrived in the mail this past week. They looked good so I clicked approve. Thought I was going to be charged a revision fee but that hasn't happened yet. Keep checking Barnes & Noble's website but the books are still only available for the Nook eBook reader there. I'm really hoping this is just one of those dissemination of updated information things. They are available at Amazon so I remain hopefully that I didn't screw things up too badly.

The revisions were minor. Fixed a couple of typos, which remains one of those can't win things. Find and fix a typo or two. Finally release the revised version. Two days later find more typos. Well, one new typo anyway, but it is on the very first page of The Magic Flute. Failed to capitalize the first word in a sentence. Managed to resist the urge to hit myself repeatedly in the face with the book.

29 January, 2012
Discount Pricing at Barnes & Noble

It may have taken long enough that I had actually started to worry I had done something wrong, but all three paperbacks are finally available at Barnes & Noble again. Even better, The Faire Folk of Gideon and The Etymology of Fire are both on sale. I had nothing to do with this. My guess is that B&N is trying to undercut Amazon's price. Fortunately, I'll still get my dollar and change regardless of whatever B&N charges. Wonder how long it will last.

25 March, 2012
Updated Short Story ePub Files

Discovered there was something wrong with the ePub versions of my short stories. Calibre was giving me an error message when I tried to convert to other formats. I think I figured out what was wrong. Removed one line from the content.opf file in the ePub file. If that makes any sense. It has to do with the fact that an ePub file is actually a .zip archive with the file extension changed from .zip to .epub. It's why you need a program like Sigil in order to edit the .epub file. Well, you can probably open the .epub yourself simply by changing the extension back to .zip and unzipping it, but that's more annoying even than I want to deal with. Sigil is an awersome program, by the way. Calibre is awesome, too, by the way. It's just not an ePub editor.

28 December, 2012
Updated ePub xhtml Formatting

Finished revising the xhtml formatting of all three ePub copies of my novels and finally got around to uploading the new versions to my website. Also, uploaded the new xhtml versions to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Shouldn't really notice a difference reading the books; however, under the hood, the code is completely different. InDesign always made things so complicated. The latest version of LibreOffice exports a much cleaner html file, and Sigil has evolved to the point where it is easy to build the .epub yourself. The Faire Folk of Gideon is the only one that should look noticably different with a more interactive table of contents. Of course, it also now includes an xthml table of contents that isn't interactive at all. Probably easy to confuse the two depending on the ePub reader.

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