26 January, 2014
Oboe Vignette, No. 1

Finished Oboe Vignette, No. 1, a couple of days ago. Finally have a few minutes to upload it to my website. I can feel the two forces waring in my head. More so for the new vignette I'm working on than this one I just finished. On the one hand, I want to keep experimenting, and I want the music to take the shape it needs. On the other hand, I've got the outrageous forces of acceptable contemporary composition screaming in my head that there simply isn't enough dissonance in these vignettes. Well, I'm not going to add sour notes just for the sake of making it more acceptable, am I? If the texture doesn't fit chromaticism for chromaticism's sake, then I'm simply not going to do it. Simple as that. Still, the voices rage. Oh, well.

5 March, 2014
Oboe Vignette, No. 2

Oboe Vignette, No. 2, has been posted on the music page. This one took a little longer to finish and felt a little more like pulling teeth, but I really like how it turned out. Still debating what to do next.

3 May, 2014
Flute & Cello Rhapsody, No. 1

The Rhapsody for Flute & Cello, No. 1, has been posted to the music page. Finally something just a little longer than the vignettes, which I still love dearly, but there is a time and a place to try different things. This one went through a lot of false starts and ideas that simply sounded terrible, leaving me rather depressed after each failure, before finally hitting upon just the right combination. The second hardest part was coming up with the name. Well, I didn't want to use vignette for something more than two minutes long. So, I needed something, and I went through rather a long list of possibilities before finally settling upon rhapsody. Well, I didn't want to use outgrabe because that has gotten tangled up in a bunch of stylistic requirements. Much more dissonant blah blah. Rhapsody leaves itself open for more possibilities in my head for some reason.

24 May, 2014
Violin Vignette, No. 1

Violin Vignette, No. 1, has been uploaded to the music page, and I have very mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, I've been meaning to do something a little more experimental, and these vignettes are meant to be experiments. I've been meaning to do something more dissonant and atonal, and those voices have been nagging. They just nag and nag that I haven't been doing enough modern atonally dissonant stuff. On the other hand, bleep and blurb just aren't doing it for me right now. They have their place, and atonal dissonance certainly conveys specific moods, which seems to me something that a lot of modern stuff just doesn't get. Dissonant atonality influences emotion and mood just like anything else in music. So, there's no reason to use atonality for absolutely everything. It has its place just like tonality has its place. I hear the term post-tonal thrown around a lot, and while working on this vignette, being annoyed at it most of the time, I've been teasing myself with the term post-atonal. Yeah, post-atonal just tickles me. I like it.

12 June, 2014
Violin & Oboe Rhapsody, No. 1

The Rhapsody for violin, oboe & piano has been uploaded to the music page. Once again I've got very mixed feelings about this pieces. It's a good experiment. The entire piece was composed at the computer. I didn't work at the piano once on it. In fact, the whole thing was unplanned. It was supposed to be a simple experiment to test the instrument combination, and I just kept going. The final rhapsody feels very rampling and episodic to me, and there doesn't seem much depth. All of which I figure is pretty much a by-product of how I went about writing it. So, I don't know. Bits I like. Bits I don't like. Good experiment all around.

3 September, 2014
Clarinet & Viola Rhapsody, No. 1

The Rhapsody for clarinet, viola & piano has been uploaded to the music page. I'm not even going to get into the mixed feelings I have about this one. A good example of my ambivalence is the fact it's been months since the previous rhapsody was posted. These vignettes and rhapsodies are all starting to sound the same to me, and that's a fact that worries me greatly. I did keep busy while ignoring the new rhapsody. It was just with stuff I'm not interested in discussing at this time.

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