4 April, 2015
String Finger Theatre Kindle Format

The complete String Finger Theatre is now available in Kindle format. Next on the ridicously time-consuming agenda is to put the works into dead-tree format. Havene't started on that little project yet because I want to time to do something vaguely useful. After all, why in the world would anyone want to pay for a Kindle or dead-tree copy of something they can read for free online?

Anyway, here are some direct links to the Kindle version:
· Episode 1, Attack of the 3rd Dimension
· Episode 2, The Search for Zed's New Groove
· Episode 3, The Lizzie McGuffin Incident
· Episode 4, Revenge of the 3rd Dimension
· Episode 5, Rumplestiltskin in Love &
· Episode 6, Industrial Strength Art

27 July, 2015
Sonatinas On Youtube

So I finally realized that people put a lot of music on Youtube as if it was a music website like Soundcloud, and it occurred to me there's no reason I couldn't do the same thing. You don't need a music video. You just need something for people to look at like cover art or any old thing. You could even do what my old college friend, Dennis Amen, did and use the score. Since it's a video, you could even turn score pages to match. Well, hell, I could do that.

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