Title Words Pages
The Urban Goatherds 36,275 167
Merriweather’s Guide to the English Language 74,392 303
Tourist Hunter 99,601 408
Pyrrhic Kingdom 64,337 287
The Etymology of Fire 97,223 340
The Faire Folk of Gideon 112,970 374
The Magic Flute 120,378 421
The Urban Goatherds
The Urban Goatherds (2022)

Heath wanted to be a goatherd. He was only good for shoving the dung. Chardonnay was a goatherd from a rival clan. A chance encounter would bring them together. Their worlds would never be the same.

Merriweather's Guide to the English Language
Merriweather’s Guide to the English Language (2019)

There’s trouble at the North American Biannual Short Story Writing Competition. Famous authors are losing hard, and nobody’s talking. Is it blackmail? Is it magic? Allison Merriweather, expert magician and investigative journalist, is determined to find out.

Tourist Hunter
Tourist Hunter (2016)

"[Tourist Hunter] was certainly [an] entertaining and unique read. I was hooked from the get go and very excited when I discovered that the author has a fantastic writing style and a voice that is perfectly suited for the genre. This is a good book. The author has done a great job with strong, fast pacing that doesn’t lag and an equally great job of realistic dialogue that also presents with a nice mix of dialogue and narrative. This was just simply a solid entry." –Judge, 25th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Pyrrhic Kingdom
Pyrrhic Kingdom (2013)

"The connection to Macbeth is not immediately evident, which is quite a good thing and though that play may have been the book's inspiration, Pyrrhic Kingdom stands entirely on its own as quite a fascinating example of expressionist, even avant garde fantasy/horror. Keith D. Jones has an extraordinary talent and a voice to be reckoned with, eschewing the accepted standards of genre writing even as he explores much of the familiar territory of genre storytelling." –Judge, 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

The Etymology of Fire
The Etymology of Fire (2004)

Before the Magic Flute was broken, dragons were feared. Dragons raged. Dragons had to be destroyed. Except one doubted the truth of his eyes. One would seek history to reveal truth beyond lies.

The Faire Folk of Gideon
The Faire Folk of Gideon: Pin the Tail on the Donkey (2001)

Close your eyes. Maybe they won't notice you. You cannot hope to understand the faire folk. Only survive them.

The Magic Flute
The Magic Flute (1999)

"[The Magic Flute] is a true epic in a fantasy world. The characters were fascinating and the descriptions of the settings were extremely well-done and imaginitive. I would think all readers of fantasy would find this enjoyable." –Judge, 8th Annual Writer's Digest National Self-Published Book Awards