15 January, 2012, All Three Revised Proofs Approved

All three books were revised and submitted to Createspace. The new proofs arrived in the mail this past week. They looked good so I clicked approve. Thought I was going to be charged a revision fee but that hasn't happened yet. Keep checking Barnes & Noble's website but the books are still only available for the Nook eBook reader there. I'm really hoping this is just one of those dissemination of updated information things. They are available at Amazon so I remain hopefully that I didn't screw things up too badly.

The revisions were minor. Fixed a couple of typos, which remains one of those can't win things. Find and fix a typo or two. Finally release the revised version. Two days later find more typos. Well, one new typo anyway, but it is on the very first page of The Magic Flute. Failed to capitalize the first word in a sentence. Managed to resist the urge to hit myself repeatedly in the face with the book.

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