11 March, 2012, Only When Nobody's Reading

Right, going to try for another short journal entry. Nothing fancy. Nothing much to say. I figure this will most closely resemble thinking out loud. Actually, that's probably pretty much what all of these journal entries resemble. I think one of the main reasons I manage to write them is that I don't actually believe anybody is reading them. Take any other social media site where I have, in fact, gotten feedback, demonstrating that someone was actually reading, and I have had this amazing habit of shutting up. So, yeah, if I actually thought anybody was reading this, I probably wouldn't be typing it. All very silly. All very strange.

Very simple reason why I haven't written more of these journal entries recently. Even short entries. I've been working on my Shakespeare project and making excellent progress. In fact, I had been making so much progress the last couple of weeks, writing just about every single day and everything, that I kind-of locked up this week. Only got words written down on electronic paper on Monday and Thursday evenings. Sunday doesn't count. Considering it last week. Actually, I can't remember if I got anything written down on Sunday. Oh, well. Not important.

In fact, I've been meaning to write a short journal entry for awhile. Talk about all the progress on the Shakespeare project, but I haven't because I've been striking while the iron was hot. Feeling the drive to add words to the project, and I wasn't going to let writing about writing get in the way of actually writing.

Basically, I'm scared out of my freaking mind. The project is taking shape. There are more than enough words to tell that I've really got the beginning of something here, which is the part that scares me. It's all very clear at the moment, but I'm terrified of what's going to happen when I hit a certain point. I mean I think I've only got it worked out to a certain point. Then, boom.

I mean, sure, I've got notes, but what about them. Yeah, we shall see. Do I know what the hell I am doing or not. I think so but we shall see. Had a moment of great revelation a little over a week ago as I figured out how to deal with a major roadblock. See, in the play, Shakespeare does what he does, and I realized that I wasn't going to do that. I had set things up in such a way that I could not simply do anything resembling what had happened in the play. Finally, after much thought or really lack of thought and just being terrified that I was going to hit the wall, I suddenly realized how to buzzsaw my way through the great big tree blocking the road.

Good news all around. Made me happy. Everybody wins. And, this doesn't resemble at all what I had thought I was going to write about this morning.

Well, I wanted to keep this short so I'm going to keep it short. We shall see if I remember what is bothering me next week or some random point thereafter and I actually write about it.

Nobody's reading. I can only write these entries if I think nobody's reading. Go figure.

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