1 July, 2013, Pyrrhic Kingdom Unleashed

Yeah, I'm more than a little surprised that I haven't posted a news blurb or anything about the publication of my new novel Pyrrhic Kingdom. Officially published June 27, 2013; although, I think the Amazon Kindle version is convinced it was published on June 26th, but I think I've got that fixed. I've been slow with the annoucements because the day-job has been busy, and then my computer decided to die a slow and agonizing death. It's still in the middle of its death spiral, and I just hope it holds out until I can purchase a new one next weekend. Didn't really want to do so suddenly, and it's not exactly as if I can afford a new one. But, I must have a computer. Anyway, if you had to describe Pyrrhic Kingdom in two words or less, you could describe it as Cthulhu Macbeth with the understanding that the plot will really kind-of sort-of remind you of Macbeth and with conspiracies, secret societies and ancient horrors from beyond time and space instead of ghosts and a rebellion. Macbeth starts out with a rebellion, remember?

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