7 December, 2013, Clarinet & Viola Vignette, No. 3

The third vignette for clarinet and viola has actually been done for a few days, but I've been tied up with really stressful stuff at my day job so I just hadn't gotten around to uploading until today. This third vignette is probably the most conventional one that I've done, which nags at me just a tad since I really wanted more of a touch of the experimental, but then I just try to tell myself that experimenting with conventional is perfectly okay. Things are going to stay hyper-stressful at work for at least the next two weeks so I don't expect to make any progress on another vignette for awhile. I'm also trying to psych myself up to do something longer than a vignette, but recent time consuming events have me backing away from that notion. We shall see how things unfold.

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