4 April, 2015, String Finger Theatre Kindle Format

The complete String Finger Theatre is now available in Kindle format. Next on the ridicously time-consuming agenda is to put the works into dead-tree format. Havene't started on that little project yet because I want to time to do something vaguely useful. After all, why in the world would anyone want to pay for a Kindle or dead-tree copy of something they can read for free online?

Anyway, here are some direct links to the Kindle version:
· Episode 1, Attack of the 3rd Dimension
· Episode 2, The Search for Zed's New Groove
· Episode 3, The Lizzie McGuffin Incident
· Episode 4, Revenge of the 3rd Dimension
· Episode 5, Rumplestiltskin in Love &
· Episode 6, Industrial Strength Art

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