17 July, 2016, Tourist Hunter Unleashed

Tourist Hunter has finally been unleashed on an uncaring and wholly unsuspecting public. You can find copies at Amazon.com, and theoretically, anywhere else fine dead-tree books can be sold. Of course, first you have to locate a bookstore. Good luck with that. The one-line summary of Tourist Hunter that doesn't actually tell you anything about the novel goes as follows: Humorous near-future Science Fiction working-glass day-in-the-life novel. I'll give one example of the type of humor we're dealing with. The smartphones everybody uses in the book are so sophisticated and advanced and have had so much functionality crammed into them that they can do everything except make phone calls. This is never directly pointed out. Once or twice, characters do talk about how weird it would be if their phones could handle simultaneous real-time audio communiciations, but that's as close as anybody gets to acknowledging why everybody just sends text messages.

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