29 July, 2017, String Finger Theatre Dead-tree Format

Well, it's taken me long enough to get around to posting a blurb about it, but the complete String Finger Theatre is finally available again in dead-tree format. The last episode went up back in April, but I just couldn't find the time to post a blurb.

Direct links to the dead-tree versions at Amazon:
· Episode 1, Attack of the 3rd Dimension
· Episode 2, The Search for Zed's New Groove
· Episode 3, The Lizzie McGuffin Incident
· Episode 4, Revenge of the 3rd Dimension
· Episode 5, Rumplestiltskin in Love &
· Episode 6, Industrial Strength Art

I suppose I could go on about what I've been up to or why I hadn't posted an updated, but this just isn't the right time or place to do so.

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