18 May, 2019, Misremembering Walking Through That Door

Now this is a wild example of faulty memory. I was re-watching season 3 of Fargo, which I wrote about quite passionately something like two years ago, and was dumbfounded to discover that I had remembered everything wrong.

Bargle tells her little story about the door first. Varga counters with his own story, and I’m thinking, whoa, I do not recall those things happening in that order.

It completely invalidates my whole theory. I mean, talk about your confirmation bias, right? I had completely reordered events so that it fit my little theory. That’s just wild.

Okay, I’m being a touch dramatic. It doesn’t invalidate my theory, which was that nobody was about to walk through the door. They were spinning stories at each other in a self-satisfied attempt to intimidate the other.

I just had the order reversed so that it fit what I thought they were thinking.

Okay, Varga is pretty much still Varga. He’s contemptuous of the good guys who are pretty much just complicating his day, and he wants to intimidate Bargle.

Bargle is mocking him and trying to show she’s not afraid. It’s just she’s out the gate with her attempt at intimidation first. She’s faced his antics before and is trying to use the technique against him.

I find my misremembering really entertaining since a major theme of the season is the unreliability of reality.

And it looks like I first wrote this jounral update back in March, meaning to get around to posting it in the near future. Two months later was not the plan. Ugh, I really need to post updates occasionally.

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