27 June 2020, Updated Clarinet & Viola Vignette Scores

I'm not entire sure how I found out about it, but in the middle of all the nonsense going on this year, I finally heard about this thing called NotePerformer. Turns out it's an alternate music playback thing for your music notation software, and it is—well—turns out that it is good. Much better than the built-in music playback thing that comes with Sibelius. Best decision I've made this year was shelling out the money for NotePerformer. Sure, it's been forever and a day since I've managed any new music, but when I do, I am ready.

In the meantime, I figured I could go back through my old scores and get some much, much better sounding totally electrified performances for my trouble.

Only unforeseeable issues is NotePerfromer pays a whole heck of a lot more attention to score for performance cues than the crappy old built-in thing Sibelius had going on. I had to rethink my scores to make sure they sounded decent. Well, it's worth it, but it is going to be a long, slow process especially when you take into account the state of the world today. Can't say I've got a lot of time, energy, or simple wherewithal to devote to the project.

It'll get done.


In the meantime, the first two Clarinet & Viola Vignettes have been upgraded, updated, reconsidered, reconfigured, or whatever. They're up.

The audio files are currently hanging out over on Patreon, and there is quite the story behind how I suddenly and rather inexplicably have a Patreon account, but let's not bother with that today.

So for those that care—and there sure ain't many of those based on the sheer number of people lining up to support my Patreon account—the remastered recordings are over yonder, and the reconfigured scores are up here.

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