7 September 2020, Accidental Creator

I suppose we could just chalk it all up to the passing of the years, but at this point I simply do not recall blathering on about Vicarious Empowerment in this space of the occasionally evolving name. It's been a journal. It's been a rant. It's probably had other names. These days, it is simply called updates. Anyway, there was a time that I hit upon the idea of Vicarious Empowerment, which is just a self-important way of saying that I can afford to give other people in the neighborhood of five bucks every once in a while.

So here we go.

At some point, I had kind of stopped with the whole Vicarious Empowerment thing simply because I didn't have those five bucks to throw around. I lived in debt for years. Years. Fortunately, things have gotten a little better, and I am no longer living in debt. I wouldn't say I have money, but the debt is gone, so I'm feeling just confident enough to start doing a bit of the old Vicarious Empowerment.

This is where that wonderful little and very for-profit website, Patreon, comes in handy. Assorted artists—but mostly YouTube personalities—can be thrown a few dollars every month to help them through these quiet and troubling times, and I get to feel just an ounce of the old Vicarious Empowerment. Everybody wins, especially Patreon's investors.

Well, I never felt I was doing enough—especially not on a schedule—to start my own Patreon creator page. I also didn't think anybody would be interested, which is a story without a purpose and all of that, but I was curious how it worked, and I tried following the help-me links to understand how a creator page worked. Next thing I know I'm staring at a web page that says my creator page is ready to go.

I stare at this announcement, wondering how the hell that had happened. Finally, I just decided to roll with it and fire that sucker up. The next panic was thinking of something to put on my accidental creator account, and I have the brainstorm to start posting String Finger Theatre. The next brainstorm was to start posting my old music. Starting to work with NotePerformer meant I had slightly better sounding performances of my old music, so that's some value add.

Working with NotePerformer also meant I was tweating the scores since NotePerformer actually paid attention to things that Sibelius would simply ignore on its own. Scores were tweaked, and I can post the score updates in the old world.

Of course, I've just realized that this little update was going to do little more than let the unkind and uncaring world know that the slightly tweaked Red King Outgrabe score was going up, but this is getting a little long and carried away. Guess I'll just post two updates today, huh.

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