14 September 2020, Updated Outgrabe for Clarinet & Piano Score

Updated PDF scores for both the Outgrabe for Clarinet & Piano and the Outgrabe for Violin & Double Bass have been uploaded, and I don't think I could have picked a bigger contrast between two back-to-back pieces.

I've prattled on about both over on my Patreon page, or to be more specific, I will have prattled on about them. I mean that I've written the prattle. It just won't be posted until somewhere in October because I've got everything happening on a schedule over there for no clear reason other than the fact it is possible. The—ahem—remastered—ahem—MP3 files will be posted along with the blatherin-on bits of text I've written for each. I shouldn't repeat that text here since it is behind the paywall there and hasn't even been posted yet.

The very short version—and I'm sure I've written about this before but maybe not survived into the current version of my website—is that the Outgrabe for Clarinet & Piano is my favorite student composition and the Outgrabe for Violin & Double Bass is the worst.

I'll get around to blathering on about them more here one of these days. I just can't help myself. I'm full of loathing and self-pity that way.

In the meantime, the every-so-slightly-revised scores are up.

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