21 March 2021, Red King Outgrabe, 2. Eerie, Audio

Well, I suppose the good thing about wholly self-imposed deadlines that absolutely nobody in the known universe cares about other than myself is that it is not a terribly big deal when I miss those deadlines. It remains a thing that I care rather a lot about the self-imposed deadlines. In fact, I probably care too much about the self-imposed deadlines, and I should do something about that.

For example, rather than double up and post two remastered music files today, I’m just going to go ahead and post one remastered music file. The rest can just be pushed back a week. Nobody cares. It’s just my own little corner of insanity.

This is all a very long-winded way of writing that the bloody-godawful day job has just been a great big pile of rancid barracuda feces, and I don’t even know if barracuda excrete anything resembling solid waste that can be piled up and allowed to rot to the point that it really starts to stink. I’ve been busy. Things have been rather impressively stressful, and I’m exhausted.

I haven’t had the time, being my point.

So the second movement of my old master’s thesis is finally being posted in all of its improved-electric-performance glory on my public website. No more hiding behind the Patreon paywall for this turkey, and it is an improvement.

No, t’is true. This version sounds so much better.

I’m still stuck with symbol clicks and wood blocks imitating finger clicks and knuckle raps, but I doubt there’s much I can do about that. Sounds cool, I guess, so at least there is that.

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