6 April 2021, Piano Sonatina in D minor Audio

As much as I might wish otherwise, things are not happening on a schedule. It’s a good thing I’m the only person in the universe who cares about this or else people might actually be cross with me.

The—ahem—remastered D minor Piano Sonatina has been uploaded to my personal public website. There’s no more hiding behind the Patreon paywall for this poor little turkey. It’s like a poor man’s attempted imitation of the C minor Clementi sonatina, which is a digression without a purpose outside of making merry mocking fun of my own first little attempt to compose a sonatina.

Anyway, the sonatina is posted. It actually would have been done days ago, but I realized I had originally posted all three movements as a single MP3 and PDF. It’s short, you see, and I was horribly embarrassed to post each separate little movement—well—separately.

Merging files would have meant even more delays, and I really, really wanted to try to keep things moving. It’s an attempt at a schedule, I swear, so I was just going to post the individual movements as separate files.

What I did not realize is this would mean extra HTML coding on my part.


It’s done. It’s posted. Enjoy.

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