22 August 2021, Outgrabe for Piano, No. 2, 1. Aggravated, Audio

I’ve been dreading this or mortified by this or something because it is finally time to upload the first movement of the remasters second Outgrabe for Piano. It was a swing for the fences, as the saying goes. I had thoughts and ideas, and I sure wanted to try them out, see if I could make them work, ideas about form and design in a post-tonal world. Well, it was worth a shot.

I was so happy with how the five piano sonatinas had turned out. I was flying. I was going to go for it, and yeah, the second Outgrabe for Piano is okay, I guess. The first movement is okay. The second, not so much.

I never got around to a third movement. I vaguely recall it being a combination of life and simply being none too happy with how the first two had gone.

Oh well

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