18 September 2022 › Audiobook on SoundCloud

For no really sensible or sane reason, I’ve started posting my old Faire Folk of Gideon audiobook on SoundCloud. This is definitely a case of taking leave of my senses. There can be no other explanation. Listening back to the audiobook, it’s downright embarrassing.

I have vague dreams of redoing it, but I’ve also no idea when that might happen.

The gulf between what I want to do and what I can actually accomplish diminishes on an all but daily basis. It’s all part of getting old, I’m sure.

The pandemic has not helped.

I’ve finished a novella, which I haven’t mentioned before because it’s really rather kind of embarrassing. It’s just a little bit risqué, naughty, and smutty, which is rather outside my wheelhouse, and as I think I’ve already mentioned, it’s embarrassing.

Anyway, the novella will be available just as soon as someone—naming no names—finishes the illustrations that sure sounded like a good idea at the time. The text has been locked for something like six months. The illustrations—which are not smutty, by the way—are taking their sweet time.

They’re also all kinds of awesome and will be well worth the wait.

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