26 January, 2014, Oboe Vignette, No. 1

Finished Oboe Vignette, No. 1, a couple of days ago. Finally have a few minutes to upload it to my website. I can feel the two forces waring in my head. More so for the new vignette I'm working on than this one I just finished. On the one hand, I want to keep experimenting, and I want the music to take the shape it needs. On the other hand, I've got the outrageous forces of acceptable contemporary composition screaming in my head that there simply isn't enough dissonance in these vignettes. Well, I'm not going to add sour notes just for the sake of making it more acceptable, am I? If the texture doesn't fit chromaticism for chromaticism's sake, then I'm simply not going to do it. Simple as that. Still, the voices rage. Oh, well.

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