24 December 2020, Clarinet & Viola Vignettes’ Audio Update

Thanks to that accidental Patreon creator account that absolutely nobody in the known universe cares about I've been uploading updated MP3 versions of my silly little nonsensical compositions there. NotePerformer has been good at kicking Sibelius in the asterisk and producing slightly better sounding performances.

This has all been for the good and given me something to do and blah and blah and blah.

Anyway, part of my big brainstorm was that I would eventually start uploading the NotePerformer performances on my actual website. The big internal debate was when. Six months sounded like a good solidly silly number, so there we are.

It's been slightly over six months since I posted the first Clarinet & Viola Vignette over yonder behind the paywall, and I might as well finally post it on my own silly little website.

Nobody cares about either but that is neither here nor there.

Patreon hasn't told me they are taking my creator account down for lack of interest yet, but there's still time, I'm sure. It is the weirdest self-imposed game of chicken. Will I lose all hope and interest in continuing this silly project before or after Patreon loses interest in hosting this silly little project.

Anyway, listen to the first two Vignettes for Clarinet, Viola and Piano, in all of their silly little glory without needing to support me pointless endeavors over on Patreon.

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