30 December 2020, Clarinet & Viola Vignette, No. 3, Audio

Well, this year has been a real horrorshow and not in the Clockwork Orange way where horrowshow actually means good, but nobody should be using horrorshow as good because that's just violently morbid and awful. Go read A Clockwork Orange if you want a better understanding of why nobody should use horrorshow to mean good.

But I digress.

Posting the pseudo-remastered MP3 of the third Clarinet & Viola Vignette on my website at the end of the year seems hauntingly fitting. It is one of the more melancholy and sad pieces I've done, so yeah, fitting.

Anyway, it’s been about six months since this MP3 was posted to my accidental Patreon account, and while it isn’t behind the paywall, I still waited to post here.

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