17 April 2021, Outgrabe for Clarinet & Piano Audio

The “remastered” electric performance of the Outgrabe for Clarinet and Piano has finally been uploaded to my website. This was far and away my favorite piece to come out of the old college years, and I held on to the original recording for the longest time. The sound quality wasn't great, but it was actual musicians performing at an actual concert.

The clarinetist may have been a student, but he was a damn fine performer. The pianist was one of the professional accompanists, and a really nice lady. She excelled at performing expressionist works. The other virtuoso accompanist was better with more romantic works and could actual play Liszt, but I needed the person who understood that sometimes you just have to slam your hand into the keys to get that cluster chord just right.

So yeah, I’ve finally chosen an electric performance with improved sound quality over that old real-live acoustic performance from many, many years ago.

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