25 April 2021, Outgrabe for Violin & Double Bass Audio

If there is one piece I’ve done that I absolutely hate, it is the Outgrabe for Violin & Double Bass. It’s awful. It’s just awful, and I really should stop saying that. It’s not that bad. I think a lot of the issue comes from the fact it was the first piece I did for graduate-level composition workshop and I was trying to show the faculty that I could play along. I could do their out-of-date version of avant-garde or a close proximity of same.

It also suffered from performers who didn’t quite know what to do with it while also not having the time to work on it, which is something I learned later from the violinist, so the performance sucked. It was just awful.

Sibelius has also sucked, trying to perform it. The current “remastered” version—with a performance from NotePerformer—is much better. I just finished listening to the “remastered” MP3, and it doesn’t make me cringe. Also I’m guesting that time has been good to the piece, and memories don’t overwhelm just hearing the notes.

So “remastered” version has been hiding behind the Patreon paywall for a good six months, it is time to unleash on an unjust, disinterested, and uncaring world. In other words, it has been posted on my website.


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