22 May 2021, Fugue in B-Flat Major Audio

It’s the end of an era, a very dumb and pointless era. The last of the old college-days music has been re-posted to my website. After this, it is back and forward to the piano sonatinas, backward because I already posted the Sonatina in D minor, forward because there’s no more student-days music. Everything after the fugue is all post-college stuff, the crap I composed on nights and weekends while holding down a day job. I would use Charles Ives as a point of comparison, but—you know—he was actually good.

I prattled on most recently about the fugue over on Patreon. Head over there if you want thoughts and reflections. Try digging through the update archive here just in case I vomited up some random thoughts or other about the fugue on this website in the past ten years.


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