29 May 2021, Sonatina in F minor, 1. Allegro, Audio

I was just comparing the Sibelius and NotePerformer audio files of the first movement of the F minor piano sonatina, and this just might be one case where Sibelius sounds better than NotePerformer. Sibelius’ fake piano just sounds warmer than NotePerformer’s fake piano. Otherwise, I can’t really tell a difference between them, so I have half a mind to just go with the old Sibelius version.

I would still break it up into the individual movements, posting one more-or-less per week, but I finally decided to run with the NotePerformer version. Can’t really say I’ve got an overly compelling reason for this. I’ve just been updating with the modern NotePerformer audio, and I might as well keep going.

Nobody cares but me anyway, so it doesn't really make a difference. I’m sure one of these days I’ll change my mind and post an updated Sibelius MP3.

Other big debate was how to handle the individual files since the previous version was a combo file of all three movements, and I’ve decided to just leave the combo file up until all three individual movements are up there.

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