23 December 2021 › Violin Vignette, No. 1, Audio

Seems vaguely silly to refer to this as the first violin vignette since there’s only one and I have absolutely no idea if or when there will ever be another, but yeah, it works for me. The NotePerformer—ummm—performance of the violin vignette is finally getting its upload to my website, and this is another where there isn’t a big difference between the old Sibelius audio and the newfangled NotePerformer audio. The new “performance” seems slightly softer, less harsh, for lack of a better way of putting it.

I hope someday to have something slightly more interesting to write about here, but the plague years have decided to prove just how much they are the plague years, so there’s something lacking in the energy and wit for more energetically entertaining entries. Oh well.

I’ve started experimenting with Adobe Audition since I’m paying for it as part of the creative suite. I need things like Dreamweaver, Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, so Audition is along for the ride. I checked out Audition years ago on the old laptop and was surprised to discover—well, not that surprised—that it was a piece of crap. Old, reliable, and inexpensive Goldwave was doing everything I needed much better.

I suppose if I ever get back around to one of my dream—as in it’ll never happen and never be any good if it does—projects like another crack at an audio book then it’ll be good to have an integrated multi-track audio editor laying around. Until then, Audition will remain a thing I’m paying for as part of the Adobe package, and I’ll poke and prod it sporadically. It does seem vastly improved.

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