30 December 2021 › Violin & Oboe Rhapsody, No. 1, Audio

I’m almost done with these—ahem—updated(slash)remastered audio files. It’s a project that’s kept me busy, I guess, uploading files to my website, so now the Violin & Oboe Rhapsody has had its turn. The NotePerformer version is uploaded for all and sundry to ignore in blissful ignorance that it ever happened.

“I mock because I love,” he said for some reason known only to himself.

Violin & Oboe Rhapsody’s not my favorite, anyway, I guess. I was trying. I was experimenting. I have absolutely no memory of whatever demonic sideshow shade of hell was going on at work that month. Memory does tell me that I was still really happy with the vignettes and that the first rhapsody had gone really well. I was downright proud of how the musical flea circus was going.

I was even being really daring, in my own stupid way. This rhapsody was done pretty much winging it on Sibelius. No time plunking out notes with my limited and atrophied keyboard skills with this turkey. The Violin & Oboe Rhapsody was all done entering notes directly into the computer and then clicking play. Deleting, modifying, or adding more notes would then follow. Repeat.

In fact the beginning wasn’t planned at all, meaning I had not intended to start a new piece. I simply had Sibelius fired up and felt like mocking up a few notes to kind of sort of hear how it sounded. Verdict was that I thought I could roll with it. That’s why the beginning is those silly chords.

Problem with the rhapsodies is that the technique that had been going so well with the vignettes simply did not scale. The rapid tembral modulations just felt disorientating and disjointed. Nothing fit. Frustration would set in quickly with the last rhapsody, but I suppose I could whine and moan about that when I get around to uploading the very last updated audio.

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