16 January 2022 › Clarinet & Viola Rhapsody, No. 1, Audio

And that’s it. The last original piece of music has finally been uploaded to my website in all of its NotePerformer glory. Naturally, this is one where I can’t really tell a big whopping difference between the old Sibelius recording and the new NotePerformer recording.

Then there’s the fact this was composed way the hell back in 2014, and youch! I don’t want to think about that too hard. It’s downright depressing.

I was running into the edge of what I could accomplish with music. Work was so stressful and leaving me more exhausted than I ever wanted to admit, which was having an impressively negative impact on my ability to compose.

I mean, just listen to this turkey. It’s not great. There’s even that moment late in the piece where I can tell I’m getting really frustrated, and the piano just starts farting away in the bass, wham, wham, wham!

To compensate for the compositional frustration, I was feeling a very, very strong need to get some book writing done. The next thing I did was Tourist Hunter, which remains far and away my favorite written thing.

So I’ve no clue what will be posted here next.

There is one more old piece I could do, and I’ll probably wait a couple of weeks before posting it, the closing music to my old and stupidly experimental attempt at an audio book.

I love that piece.

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